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Woke up much earlier than I wanted to, considering it was a Sunday. It was only about 8am. Got up and got my latte, then got parked on SL. Hopped on Aura Kingdom to relist items on the Auction House, then Conan to refresh the bases. After that, I got on Minecraft to check out the Castle Village Autumn had been working on the day before. Inspiration hit me, and I started building what I planned to be an apartment building.

Autumn logged into the world when I’d just finished up the exterior and was starting on the decor. She pointed out that the design didn’t match the “wooden village” they were aiming for. I’d seen stone work on one of the houses, but they were indeed mostly wood. I didn’t comment, but kept working. At one point I did ask Autumn what books she’d gotten for building ideas, and she sent me pictures of them. I bought the ebook of one of them to look at later.

Dave mentioned that if I needed anything at the store, I’d probably better get there sooner rather than later, because it was snowing outside and we didn’t know for sure what time Monday the actual winter storm would arrive that’s expected to bring 8-16 (10-14?) inches of snow.

I kept playing on Minecraft for a bit, while I waited to hear anything from Colin. Once I heard from him, I got dressed and headed to the store. First, I had to shovel my way out of the driveway. The end of it was a sheet of ice, so I skipped that. I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to get out of the driveway with it like that or not, but I tried and made it.

Spent a bit of time looking around at the store at things, to maximize the time with Colin. I wasn’t sure, with the snow we were already getting, if there’d be school on Monday, and I knew there wouldn’t be school on Tuesday.

Finally I managed to get everything I needed from the store, so I headed back home. I’d texted Dave about the driveway once I was safely at the store, and saw that he’d cleared the end of it for me while I was out.

Got the groceries put away, and started some take n bake pizzas for an early dinner. I’d gotten a cheese pizza for Dave & Casey, an ultimate meat that I didn’t think Dave would eat, and a Chicken Bacon Ranch for Dave & I to share. They were all pretty good, but I think I actually preferred the cheese and the Chicken Bacon Ranch.

Dave mentioned something about the driveway, and I thanked him for clearing it for me and said I just couldn’t risk dealing with it because of my knee. Then he was like “what was there to deal with?” I’m like, “uh, the ice?” He said it was just one spot, I said I didn’t know that but that I couldn’t risk it. He says, “Well I can’t risk it with my carpal tunnel (which hasn’t been diagnosed, btw) but I did.” FFS asshole I said thank you what more do you want? Sorry if your hand goes a bit numb, I know it’s a pain in the ass as I’ve had the surgery for CT on both of mine, but if I fall on the ice I’m DONE. I won’t be able to WALK!

Anyway, went back to my room and got back on Minecraft. I mentioned to Autumn that I felt bad that it didn’t match the rest of the village, and she said it was fine it would just be the upscale part of town. Ok, that works. I got the building ebook loaded up to see what kind of builds I wanted to use for the rest of the castle village and got back to work.

Casey played Minecraft on and off with me, and eventually settled in to “on.” He kept asking me to teleport him to me so he could decorate the inside of the house. I didn’t want to break the news to him that he’d never be brought anywhere near those structures if we can help it. It’s bad enough that EVERYWHERE I go to build on the realm he INSISTS on following me, and builds monstrosities. I need one tiny little piece that I can share with Autumn that I don’t feel obligated to let him be a part of. Not to mention, I know that Autumn and Jordan wouldn’t want any of Casey’s structures around the castle. Casey is super talented with his builds, but they’re just not pretty.

Finally it was time to get Casey ready for bed, so got him tucked in and then resumed work. Got the house I’d been working on finished, and then logged off to try and sleep only minutes after Autumn logged off for the night. I think we both did our heads in trying to build stuff.

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