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Woke up much earlier than I wanted for a Sunday morning. I actually had to use the restroom at about 5:30, but was able to get back to sleep until, idk, around 7am or so. Dave and Casey were already up making some cinnamon rolls. I got up and grabbed some coffee that Dave had made, then headed back to my room to get parked on SL.

After parking on SL, I got busy with other things. I got on Aura Kingdom to relist items on the auction house. Naturally, Autumn saw I was on there and decided to log on there herself. She invited me to party with her, but I declined because I wasn’t intending to stay on and figured she wouldn’t stay on if I was off anyway. Once I was done with relisting items, I let her know I was logging off to refresh bases on Conan. Took care of that and made sure the pets were well fed, then got on DDO to do a run through Korthos Island.

Once done with checking on the games, I took care of my free book & paid emails. Autumn was asking about “what to do” and things like that, eh. Take care of your damn self would ya? I’m not your entertainment source lol. It’s fun to do things with her, but she really puts the pressure on and it’s getting to me.

Once I was done with a run through Korthos, I did indeed get on Minecraft with Casey, but Autumn didn’t get on because she was doing some more cleaning in their room.

Once I did a few things, I got tired of it and logged off. I ended up getting back on DDO to grind out the rest of the Slayer quest line. I was ready to move on from Korthos into Stormreach. Then I was so close to level 4, I decided to grind it out until I got there. It required redoing more dungeons than I would have liked, but I got my Rogue to level 4.

By that time, I was tired of DDO anyway, so I took a break to eat and then got back on Minecraft.

I also randomly checked Daniel’s Facebook, and saw a post that he’d gotten into a pretty bad car accident this evening. It looks like his car may very well be totaled. He said, on the post, that someone else hit him head on after cutting around a corner. I also saw that some chick named Rebecca commented on that post, calling him sweetie, telling him she misses him, and asking when they’re getting together again. Hoping it’s a cousin or something, or that he’d at least at some point tell me if he was also seeing other girls. It’s ok if he is, but it kinda feels like betrayal if he is but isn’t being open with me about it. Just like, I need to figure out a way to be open with him about Colin and the fact that I’m poly.

Casey’s computer was giving him trouble, so I decided to run a clean on it. Then he said the phone was also giving him problems, so I started a clean on that as well. I ended up having him go ahead and bring me his tablet so I could kill all birds with sorta one stone. While running the cleans, I continued on Minecraft, tweaking things and exploring a cave system, the kind of things I enjoy.

Autumn had taken a nap, so once she was awake she messaged me, saying her internet adapter was giving her issues. She was able to get on Minecraft for a while, see the new house and set up the room I left for her in it. But then her net went out again. Guess she’s going to have to get a new adapter.

During the time of showing her around the new house, I had to go AFK to help Casey get ready for bed. Got him all tucked in, then went back to Minecraft. Got a spot picked out I’m going to try to do a mine in, not sure if it’ll bear the fruits of mining but would be nice. Close to the house. Then I dug out a couple basement rooms for nether stuff. But, I didn’t have it in me to finish the job, only got the basics in place.

I’m tired and I know it’s bedtime but I don’t want to go to bed. I think I’ll just scroll through Facebook a bit more and then hit the hay.

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