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Woke up with a sore throat, not a good sign. The last thing I needed was another cold. Got some coffee and got on SL to park, then got on Conan to refresh the bases. After that I got on DDO to see if items had sold in the auction house, which some had. I wanted to do some questing, but I wanted to officially level up and distribute points as well. I didn’t want to get too far ahead of our main characters. I was tempted to create another Rogue, make sure to get one quest reward I was missing, and leave her off at around the same point as this one. But, I decided against that, and instead submitted a ticket about the quest bug.

Dave and Casey made some pancakes and eggs for breakfast, but Dave didn’t bother to invite me to eat until they were nearly done. After I was done eating, I got a roast put in the crock pot. I’d gotten a roast kit at Walmart on Friday. I didn’t think Dave would eat it, but I didn’t care.

I wanted to play Minecraft, possibly do a bit of creative building as well as some survival mining, fishing, and hunting. But, I ended up getting on Fallout 4 instead. I was only intending to get through character generation, but I ended up playing on there for over 5 hours. I don’t usually play solo combat games, but I was enjoying it and glad I kept playing past character gen, especially since I’d spent my own hard-earned (slow-earned) money to buy it.

Ate some dinner, and was surprised that Dave ate some of the roast as well. I think he took a minuscule amount of the meat, though. Eh, I wasn’t making it for him, but I don’t mind if he eats some of it.

Got a notice about an update on my OpenCollar on SL, so spent a good bit of time trying to get it both updated AND working properly. For whatever reason, that was easier said than done. But, I eventually got it figured out and working properly. OpenCollar is an RLV (restrained love) which is kinda like a dom/sub thing for SL. Took a screen shot of my avatar to show Autumn, who was also asking about other types of avatars one could choose. I think she’s interested in joining SL once either a) her computer can handle it or b) she gets a new computer.

All day long we’d heard periodic banging coming from Casey’s play room. It was super windy, so we thought nothing much of it until Casey went to get his “ear mufflers” to block out the noise, saying it was scaring him. We finally investigated. I love how I wore crocs to traipse through the snow to see if I could see anything hitting the outside of the house, lol. Didn’t see anything from the outside, so gave up. A little while later, Dave suspected it could be the windows in Casey’s room. Sure enough, they weren’t locked, so the wind was making them move just enough to make a racket. Got them shut tight and locked so they wouldn’t make any more noise. Casey likes being able to open his own play room windows, but apparently doesn’t lock them after he closes them back up.

Once the noise was put to rest, it was time to get Casey put to rest as well. I had to give him ibuprofen with his other usual vitamins (and cold medicine because of the damn germs he comes into contact with at school) because he was complaining about a bad headache. My head was hurting as well, I just chalked it up to another cold symptom. Got him to do the rest of his “important stuff,” then tucked him in.

Got on Minecraft for a bit before bed, working on a bit of mining and exploring cave systems. Thankfully, I did not get lost. Even with my “torches on the right” technique of exploring, I still tend to get lost.

Once I was tired enough for bed, I logged off, shut everything down, and crawled on in. I was looking forward to getting the mattresses the next day, the first part of my week of exciting deliveries that should lead to much better nights’ sleep in the days/weeks/months/years to come.

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