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Got to sleep in a bit. Got up and got some coffee, got on SL to park and then got on Blade & Soul. Spent a fair bit of time just standing around before finally starting on farming peaches. Spent the day working on that on and off.

Managed to take care of the dishes fairly early and also cleaned my bathroom.

Autumn said she’s going to stop playing online games and spending money on things that aren’t needed. She’s very stressed out about their financial situation. I am about my own as well, frankly. I suggested she try to get in with Appen, and told her that I was trying the site she told me about: Indeed. I applied to a couple of jobs there. Also referred her to Clickworker, where I really need to start putting in some effort.

We also spent some time talking about wallets and purses, since I went to great lengths to try and fit my stuff into the smallest purse I own. I ended up getting it to work by using one of my largest wallets, lol.

Ordered a p’zone from Pizza Hut for dinner, since Dave had gone out to see one of his girlfriends and I needed food. It was alright, but I will probably stick to pizza in the future. Maybe the occasional pasta.

Researched soul badges for my class and found out that I need two and a bunch of stuff to combine them. That’ll take a while, I’m sure.

Got Casey to bed later than I should have, need to work on getting him to bed on time.

Stayed up farming peaches until I was ready for bed, which wasn’t too late at night.

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