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Tried to sleep in a bit at the hotel, but it started storming out so I ended up getting up. Casey stirred as well, so we got dressed and went down the hall for coffee and to see what they had for food. Just cookies, oh well.

My aunt & uncle were coming to get us at 10:30, so we lounged around the hotel room until then. I took care of my free book & paid emails, then as it got closer to time to go I got everything packed back up. Got checked out of the room and waited in the car for my aunt & uncle to arrive. It was still raining.

Brunch was good, spent quite a bit of time just eating and chatting. Afterward they led the way via different roads to the nursing home so I could see my grandma again before I left town.

One of my cousins was visiting her with his wife when we got there. They were the only ones in town and I didn’t know for sure if I’d get to see them or not, so it was nice that they happened to be there at the same time. They were just heading out.

The visit with grandma went ok. I was frustrated by Casey constantly whining about wanting to play Minecraft. Regardless, we stayed about an hour.

As we were getting ready to go, grandma received two more visitors, so it’s just as well we were leaving anyway.

Got back in the car and hit the road for the two hour drive home. Casey fell asleep for a while, until I stopped for gas about halfway. I was hoping he’d go back to sleep, because he looked exhausted, but he stayed awake until we got home.

Got settled in back at home and booted up the computer. Casey spent quite a bit of time hanging out with daddy and telling him all about our trip. I parked on SL and then got on Aura Kingdom for a little while, but there wasn’t anything I really wanted to do on it so I logged back off.

It took a couple hours to get Casey to bed. First he wanted to eat something, which was fine since he hadn’t really eaten much the entire trip. Made him a PB&J and he ate that, then I asked him to get his jammies on to get ready for bed. When he came upstairs, I whispered to him that the box of crackers was open, so then he grabbed a bowl of them and went back downstairs. My fault there, lol, but if he was still hungry he needed to eat anyway. Then he came upstairs and finally started getting ready for bed, but was whining about being too tired to brush his teeth. Dave brushed his teeth then went in with the pick at the backs of Casey’s lower front teeth, but Casey didn’t like how he was doing it so I had to go in and take over. He had quite a bit of tartar buildup, and I wasn’t able to get any out because he started complaining that it hurt really bad. Got him to use his mouthwash, which took a while as well, and then went and read to him. Got him all snuggled in, then headed back to the computer.

Got on Minecraft and did a bit of mining, until I was ready for bed myself.

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