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Slept in a little bit again, which was nice. Coffee was brewing when I got up. While I waited for it, I got the computer booted. Once I had my coffee and the computer was ready, I got parked on SL.

Took care of my free book & paid emails as they came in, then debated for a while what I was going to do with the rest of my day.

Went to the store once I heard from Colin, since it would give me a chance to talk to him for a while. Went to Aldi to get most of the groceries, but then went to Walmart because Casey wanted certain crackers they had there. Once I was done getting everything I headed back home and put everything away.

I ended up getting on Minecraft, and bought a new mashup pack. It was an adventure map, so Cyn hopped on with me to try and figure out the adventure. We were both struggling, but at least I made it out of the area immediately surrounding the Castle of it. She kept getting lost, so ended up just standing there doing nothing, bitching about going around in circles and never getting anywhere. I went and found her to try and lead her out, but she wouldn’t move. She ended up logging off.

I logged off as well, pissed with her for being like that, but later went back on and put myself in creative to beat all 10 dungeons and then defeat the Ender Dragon. There’s no way I could have done it solo and in survival or adventure mode. I enjoyed the map enough, though, that I would enjoy repeating it legit.

After that I tested the mods on a blank map to try and figure out why certain things weren’t loading right. I found out it was the load order, and was able to get everything working. But, the Egypt texture pack hasn’t been updated to the most recent version of Minecraft, so some things don’t look right in it. I tried the Egyptian world without a texture pack applied at all, but it looked funny because some of the colors were different. So, I changed it back.

Dave had gone out earlier to spend time with his girlfriend. Casey was downstairs watching stuff on the Roku, but it was starting to get close to his bedtime. I told him to come on upstairs and start getting ready for bed, and he ended up going to the bathroom. Unfortunately, he’d left a huge mess in his underwear and shorts. I got him cleaned up and ran a bath for him, and took his underwear and shorts down to soak. He soaked in the bath for a bit and then washed up. While he was getting dried off, Dave got home. Casey told Dave that some of his mess had gotten on the carpet downstairs as well. Dave was all “well, accidents happen.” Bullshit Dave, you don’t get that much shit in your pants on “accident.” But whatever. I wasn’t going to say anything that would get him going off on Casey. Got the floor cleaned up and got Casey to finish getting ready for bed. Read to him from the new Minecraft book again, and then got him snuggled in to bed.

I hadn’t heard a thing from Daniel all day, and I was feeling more and more down. I wanted to say things to him, mostly that I can’t believe he would think I could possibly make this up. First of all, I’m not that type of person. Second of all, what would that ultimately accomplish? And finally, even if I had made this up, wouldn’t I have stopped the lies once I found out that it wouldn’t work, roping him in that way, because he didn’t want another child? What sense would it make to continue the lie if I had made it up?

But no, I’m not making this up. I’m having pregnancy symptoms, no doubt. And I’m getting faint lines on all the blue line tests. I don’t believe they could possibly be evaporation lines, but they’re not really getting any darker. I don’t know what the hell is going on with me, and I want answers. And it’d be nice to have a boyfriend who was supportive and understanding. Not a jerk.

Cyn said she was getting on ArcheAge, so I ended up getting on there as well and quested for a bit. Shortly before going to bed, I’d spent a tiny bit of silver on a mount. I would get one free from questing, but I wanted two of the three Snowlions anyway, so I figured I may as well. It was put in my inventory as a cub, and I had to place it in the world and raise it. First I fed it and then I had to water it. I didn’t see the button to water it so I tried right clicking my water bucket, and it made my character throw the water at the poor cub. It was funny, though. Once I had my mount, I did one more quest hand-in and then went to bed.

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