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I’d set an alarm so I wouldn’t sleep too late, though I didn’t really think I would considering the discomfort in my parents’ spare bed. Got up and got some coffee, and got to work on getting mine and Casey’s stuff packed back up and ready to go out to the car. Hung around for a while and then hit the road, to go to Menasha to have lunch with my birth mom. I hadn’t seen her in quite some time and was looking forward to it. We were having lunch at a yummy Mexican restaurant there.

Dave told me that Saturday night, Max had attacked Jennifer for no reason when she was at our house and that she’d been bitten a few times and was a bloody mess. I told him she should go to the doctor because when he’d bitten me I got infected almost right away and needed an antibiotic. I couldn’t believe Max would do that, unless he was feeling territorial because me and Casey weren’t there.

We got to Menasha with a bit of time to spare, and there was a Family Dollar across the street, so we walked over there and did a bit of shopping.

Lunch was nice, I had the Fajita Burrito and Casey had a taco. My mom got there a bit late, but at least she made it. She said she hadn’t set an alarm. We hung out, chatted, and ate. We were there about an hour and then I was getting a bit antsy, ready to go.

Hit the road to head the rest of the way back home, about a 2 1/2 hour drive. Casey slept for part of it.

Got all our stuff unpacked and put away right after we got home. Casey played with some of his new stuff, and I got my computer booted up and got parked on SL while I was getting things sorted.

Once I was done unpacking, I got on ArcheAge. Cyn was on, and we played on there together for the rest of the evening.

When Dave got home from lunch with Jennifer, he recounted the story for me of what happened with Max, and showed me the damage Max did to Casey’s pool noodle that Dave used to try and fend him off. It sounded awful, and like more than just a territorial snap. Something else must be going on with him for him to act like that. I mean, he’s bitten me before, but that was because a feral cat was taunting him and Stormy and he was flipping out over that, with me trying to pick him up and put him in another room to calm down.

Once it was time to get Casey ready for bed, I had him do his stuff then read to him and tucked him in.

Continued playing ArcheAge with Cyn for a bit longer, then went to bed myself. I needed a good night’s sleep in my comfy bed.

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