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Woke up at a fairly reasonable time. Got my latte while the computer booted, then parked on SL. Took care of my free book and paid emails, then got on Conan to see if the base was miraculously still there. It was not. It was actually painful, logging in and seeing all the emptiness, where we’d spent so much time and effort to build. Everything we had acquired while playing, it was all gone. It didn’t matter that we were probably not going to play on that server anymore. It was about the time we’d already spent there.

After the depressing login to Conan, I got on DDO to check the auction house stuff, only to remember that I’d not relisted everything the last time I’d logged in, to save myself from having to regularly log in. I would still like to play DDO sometime, but Colin never wants to play a game with me anymore.

I logged on ArcheAge to take care of my morning gardening, and then I got a crazy idea to see if the Zoo offered wheelchair rentals. They did. I’d promised Casey I would take him to the zoo this summer, so I asked if he wanted to go. He said yes, so we got dressed and headed out.

We stopped at a Culver’s in Madison for some lunch, and then went and made several trips around the area of the Zoo looking for a parking space. I finally found one for us, and a fairly close one at that. We went into the gift shop to ask about a wheelchair rental, but there was a wait list. I put my name and number in for the wait list, and we looked around the gift shop for a few minutes. Casey picked out a couple tiny critters and some rocks for his rock collection. I needed to sit down, so I paid for that stuff and then we headed outside to find a bench.

While sitting at the bench people-watching, I also checked Pokemon Go. I’d gotten a notification, and was curious to see if the Zoo had any PokeStops. They had many, and we were sitting right between two of them, so I was able to get some freebies out of it.

After quite a while of waiting, we went inside so I could ask where we were on the list. The girl said we were next on the list, so I didn’t think it’d be much longer. We waited inside for a little bit, but then I needed to sit down again so we went and sat on the bench just outside the door. We waited a while again, watching for people returning wheelchairs. But there was nobody. I finally went back inside and asked how many chairs they actually had. They had two. TWO chairs and she didn’t bother to tell me that part when she said there were four people ahead of me when we arrived. I snapped at her a bit, and then we went and walked around to a couple exhibits that were close.

Casey mainly wanted to see the penguins, but they weren’t out in their little pond. So then we went and looked at the monkeys, and then the tiger that was right by the monkeys. By that time, the zoo was only open for 20 more minutes, and the animals were being put away for the day.

My knee was really sore for the hour and a half drive home. After what I’d done to it on Friday, I really shouldn’t have even made the drive to Madison, let alone the little bit of walking we did. I should have been resting. But, we made it home without me having too much pain.

Dave went off about how he wouldn’t have done that to Casey, making him wait for hours like that. Well, what the hell was I supposed to do? I didn’t know they only had two wheelchairs! And, damnit, we’d driven all that way to enjoy the Zoo! I was upset enough about it without him being the douche he always is.

I got Casey some dinner, and started running a bath for him while ArcheAge loaded. Made it into the reset raid, and finished most of it, except for the very beginning. And then there were some mobs in the Eastern Hiram Mountains I missed because I’d died fighting one. A stupid twat who’s always complaining about people standing around or hanging out on their mounts instead of participating said she wouldn’t have resurrected me if I’d been on a mount. I snapped at her, saying I was fighting something tyvm and would she like some cheese with her whine. It’s hectic enough in these raids, with only 1/4 of the people participating, what the fuck does it matter anyway?

After the reset raid was done, I started working on my main quest line. Part of the raid gave me the last of what I needed for that. It led me to a dungeon, which I didn’t want to get into before getting Casey to bed.

Got Casey ready, read to, and snuggled in, then got back to ArcheAge. With help from Cyn and Brandon, we made it as far as the first boss. But then we couldn’t do enough damage to him, so we hung about waiting to see if people could come and help. Eventually we got some help and finished the dungeon. I kept working on my race quest.

All the while, I was talking to Cyn about what was going on with her health. She wanted to drink this tea that was nothing but a laxative but claimed it was for weight loss. I kinda went off on her for even wanting to drink that, because it was an eating disorder to make yourself go to the bathroom after eating. I can’t support bulimia. I don’t think she’d ever considered that about the tea, it was just something she’d been given by Jordan’s mom and she’d used it before so why not? But after my little tirade she said she poured it out. We spent a lot of time talking about all the different things going on with her, and the fact that the doctors aren’t even exploring those things, they’re just saying she’s fat and needs birth control. I just wish there was something, anything, I could say or do to help her feel better.

So after the conversation kinda fizzled, and I started getting sleepy, I logged out and went to bed.

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