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Got to sleep in a little bit. Got up and got my latte while the computer booted, then hopped on ArcheAge. Took care of my free book and paid emails before doing my gardening on there, though.

An order was delivered fairly early, from Amazon. A couple of nose rings, and a new power bank with built in cables. I thought that would make it easier on me. It’s a bit larger and heavier than the one I already had, but the convenience of having the built in cables, plus twice the capacity, would hopefully win out. Either way, with the power banks I have now, I am very well prepared for our next camping trip in a few weeks. I still need to verify if they’re having an overnight camp the night before, though. I sure hope so!

I kept in touch via Facebook messenger with Daniel, asking him if he knew when they’d be coming over. He said they’d gone to a parade in Cashton, and weren’t sure yet when they’d be in Tomah.

Casey spent the day watching stuff on his tablet, and then my phone. I don’t think he was feeling the best, he’d been sneezing a bit. He was still asking about Michael coming over, but I wasn’t hearing anything at all from Daniel at that point.

I wasn’t really in the mood for ArcheAge, so I wasn’t doing a whole lot on it besides chatting with Cyn. Later in the day, I decided to try and get a drop I needed from Abyssals in Reedwind, since it was peace there at the time. I was struggling to survive, though, because they hit harder than standard mobs in other areas. I mentioned that to Cyn, hoping she’d come and help. She always offers to help with other things, and I sure needed the help with this. I knew she wasn’t doing anything else at the time. I waited quite a while, probably a good 20 minutes, but didn’t hear anything. So, I ported home and got in the shower.

It didn’t seem like we’d be getting any visitors, and I could tell Casey was upset and disappointed about it, which made me upset and disappointed as well.

When I got back to the computer, there was a message from her about not really wanting to play ArcheAge, but that she didn’t want to log out and not be able to get back in, since there was a problem with logins at the time. And then she was asking if I was ok, to which I responded about assuming she was afk due to no response for like 20 minutes to my roundabout plea for help, and that I’d gone to shower. She was being snippy with me, so I was being snippy back, and next thing I know she leaves the party and refuses to respond to my messages.

I am just as guilty of this, but neither of us should launch a game if we don’t feel like playing it, and if we launch the game and just sit around staring at it but not doing anything we may as well log off. There’s just no point to either of us getting on a game when we don’t feel like it, or sitting around staring at the screen doing absolutely nothing.

But, regardless of that, for fuck’s sake why does she keep doing this to me? Granted, she hasn’t left the guild this time and she didn’t unfriend me on Facebook this time, at least not thus far, but why does she just cut me off like this whenever I mention anything that frustrates me in the slightest?

And then there’s the whole thing with her getting close to Brandon. He’s perfectly free to speak with and be friends with whoever he chooses, but for some reason I find myself getting jealous when I find out she’s been spending time with him when I’m doing other things. And in talking with him about the entire situation, I find out that she’s been confiding in him about some things going on right now, that she hasn’t even been talking to me about. And I’m supposed to be her best friend!

I had to step away from the computer to get Casey ready for bed and tucked in, but I was feeling very depressed about things. It didn’t help matters that Daniel finally said that he’d got caught up with family, and hadn’t even bothered to let me know so I could let Casey know instead of him keeping his hopes up on seeing Michael.

After getting Casey tucked in, I got on a call with Brandon and got back on ArcheAge, since it was working again. I found out Cyn had messaged him about doing the dailies in Western Hiram Mountains, and felt that pang of jealousy again. She didn’t want to help me in Reedwind, she didn’t even want to play, but she wanted to do dailies with him?

I was able to do Halcy twice when I got back on, and then started working on my dailies. There was a very late reset raid I got into and we did everything except Eastern Hiram Mountains. After that was done, I joked with Brandon about trying to crystallize some of my gear. You get these awakening scrolls during the dailies to level your gear to the next tier, but there’s only a small chance for it to succeed. If it fails, which it usually does, there’s a chance for it to crystallize. Then you can’t do any infusing or upgrading to the gear until you spend 10k honor on a decrystallization scroll. So, no you don’t want to crystallize your gear. But I couldn’t help but joke about it, and secretly hope that I would succeed at the opposite.

After crystallizing a couple more pieces of gear (frown), I did some other dailies to get some blue salt bonds to hand in for honor. That was another daily thing, and I’d definitely need a lot of honor. Need 40k at this point, to decrystallize 4 pieces.

By the time I was done with all that, I was ready for bed.

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