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Woke up much earlier than I wanted to, after having not slept very well at all. The mattress was lumpy and the pillows just weren’t the same as my own. Casey was climbing down from the top bunk at the same time as I was waking up, and went in the bathroom. He was in there a little while and then he hollered that he’d pooped. He’d left quite a mess in his underpants too, but I can’t blame that on him if he was sleeping when it happened. We’ve got to get his bowel movements under control, though, so things like this don’t happen. He holds it so long and then it’s like more comes out than his body could possibly hold.

Got him a donut for breakfast and booted up my computer, thinking I’d at least take care of my free book & paid emails. While it was booting, I went out on the patio to vape for a bit. When I came back in, I didn’t really feel like even checking my emails. I managed to go through the spam folder, but that was it.

My parents woke up shortly after we did, and said they were leaving that day instead of waiting until Monday like they’d originally planned. They weren’t as comfortable in the bed at the condo either. I couldn’t blame them, after how I’d slept! Even Casey said he wasn’t comfy at all.

We all slowly got all our stuff together so we could all leave. Casey and I were staying in town for a while, to at least do some shopping.

After leaving the condo, we stopped at Walgreens and I got a foldable cane with some money my parents had given me. It would come in handy for when we’re doing stuff with scouts, so I don’t have to carry a huge long cane with me if I’m not actually using it at the time.

After Walgreens we headed downtown. First we found somewhere we could stop and eat, since I was hungry. It was early for lunch, but the cook agreed to make us an appetizer sampler. It was all delicious! Then Casey spilled his root beer all over the place. I thought for sure the day was done and we’d be heading home, but he said he could handle walking around and shopping with icky pants!

We stopped in a few of the gift and souvenir shops. Casey ended up with a stuffed bullet bill, a blue yoshi action figure, a wario action figure for Dave, a ball thing that expands and contracts, and a couple other things. I got a bottle holder that can be worn like a purse, to actually hold my foldable cane, a 10ft usb-c cable that I have no need for but it was only $5, a little ice cream dish with a spoon holder and spoon that I couldn’t pass up, and a sugar skull candy tin.

We also stopped at the Mirror Maze and did that. It was something I’d wanted to do with him before, but thought he may not like it. I think we were both nervous, getting lost in a maze of mirrors, but we had fun!

By the time we were done shopping, the parade was soon to start. I’d asked Casey earlier if he’d rather watch the 2-hour parade or go mini golfing, and he’d said mini golf. I was pretty tired and sore, but looked for a mini-golf place anyway. The cool blacklight one was downtown, so we’d be stuck there for a while because of the parade. The other mini-golf place that I saw had a lot of steps and I just didn’t think I could make it. I told Casey we’d make plans to go down there for a day just for mini-golf. He said that was ok, so we headed back home.

On the way home, I got a message from Daniel. He seemed to want to bring Michael over, because Michael was bored and wanted to play. He said Michael wasn’t the only one who wanted to play, lol. I can only imagine the challenge of trying to have adult time with two kids running around. We continued the conversation after I’d gotten home, and he ended up asking if I could take Michael after school instead. I said I could, and we made the arrangements.

Casey showed Dave what all he’d gotten on our little trip. I booted up the computer and got on Minecraft to see if I could get the updated backpack mod working. I did, but they didn’t have as many slots as the older version, so I reverted back to it and posted as much on the mod’s page. Casey had settled in with Minecraft on my old phone, but I got back out of it before he noticed I was on.

Got on ArcheAge and took care of my gardening, as well as a few of the doable dailies that I could get done before the reset later on. I wasn’t planning to do the reset raid, but at least wanted to get the other stuff done that I could.

Once my old phone was out of battery, Casey started watching stuff on the Roku. I made sure he had some dinner so he wouldn’t pull that thing about only having so many things to eat in the day, even though he’d had plenty already. If I overfeed him it’s better than if he misses a meal and then is up later. Hopefully he’ll go back to just begging for food nonstop all day every day like he used to lol. Not that we forget to feed him, but we just assume he’s not hungry if he’s not asking for food, because we’d grown accustomed to the nonstop demands for food.

Shortly after 7, I got Casey to get ready for bed, then read to him and tucked him in. I got back to more ArcheAge, but this time I was just doing some mining. It was what I felt like doing. I had all sorts of labor potions ready to use if needed, so I could just mine away. Thankfully, no one else was there mining, so I had all the iron and stone to myself.

Finally, I was ready for bed. It wasn’t too late, but I was sore and tired from the fitful sleep the night before. So, I headed to bed.

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