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Got up after a fitful night’s sleep and got some coffee while the computer booted, then got parked on SL. Got on ArcheAge to do my gardening, and then got on Fallout 76. Spent the rest of the day on there questing and doing miscellaneous tasks, sorta the same as what I do on ArcheAge but more in depth.

Met someone who said they’d be friends with me on Fallout, they turned out to be level 200-something. They were helpful and the banter was nice, the sort of friendly banter I enjoy.

Dave took Casey to get a cinnamon roll at the bakery. Otherwise, Casey just spent the day doing his usual. A mix of tablet time, phone time, and Nintendo time. If he weren’t so stinking smart because of the things he does on his electronics, I’d be incredibly worried about how much time he spends on them. But he’s so smart, I think it’s ok for now.

I also spent some time working on the laundry I still had to get caught up on. There were still 4 loads to do, I managed to do 2 more.

Got Casey to bed a little later than I wanted, because he spent almost an hour reading a book to me and Dave. He did really well with some words I wasn’t expecting him to be able to get. Got him tucked in after he was done, and then got back to more Fallout.

Continued to work on a mixture of survival tasks and leveling tasks, until I was ready for bed myself. It was earlier than usual, but I was exhausted after having tossed and turned all night the night before.

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