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We woke up at a fairly reasonable time. Not too early and not too late. There wouldn’t be breakfast at the camp this time, so once we were both dressed we headed into town to try a restaurant we’d been told about. Unfortunately, there was too long of a wait, so we ended up just going to McDonald’s in Sparta instead. We hung out there until it was almost time for church, then headed down the road.

Casey didn’t want to go with the other kids to their service, so he spent the entire time clinging to me. The service went was on-point again. It was about how we all have Goliath in our lives and that Goliath must fall. I actually have two Goliaths in my life — Dave and Daniel. They both must fall. I’m looking forward to the rest of this series.

After church, we went with Mindi to the same restaurant we had gone to after last week’s service. We chatted and ate, but didn’t spend as long there this time.

Once we were ready to go, Casey and I headed home. I got the car unloaded and slowly unpacked everything while getting things booted back up on the computer. I also took care of my free book & paid emails.

Casey spent the rest of the day on some of his devices, relaxing after an active weekend.

I got on ArcheAge to tend the gardens. I’d expected that my trees would have all died, but they were still there.

I got an early shower and then got Casey a bath so he’d be clean and fresh for the new week at school.

Once Casey was tucked in, around the usual time, I got on Fallout 76. I joined the Discord call with Gassy and another dude, and played around until I was ready for bed.

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