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Casey and I slept in a bit, but not too late. We got up and I got him some breakfast and me some coffee while the computer booted, then I was going to take care of my free book & paid emails but the power went out for about an hour. Once it finally came back on, I got those out of the way before hopping on Astellia for the day with Cyn. We worked mostly on questing but did some dungeon runs as well.

I sent Brad a text in the early evening, hoping to see him again before he had to go out of town for the week. Later on, at night, I finally heard back from him. Cyn and I had just finished a difficult part of the map we were playing on and were both done with the game for the night anyway. So, we logged off and I headed over to Brad’s.

I could tell he was not in a good state of mind. It didn’t help that he was playing the kind of music he loved, but that also brought back the awful memories of his time in the war. I was quiet through most of the night, and he asked “what’s up” at one point. I could tell he wanted me to say whatever was on my mind, but how could I just come out and say my feelings out loud in those circumstances? That I love him and I wish there was anything in the world I could do to ease his pain. But that I know there’s nothing I can do that would help.

We headed upstairs a bit earlier than usual, but he needed to be up at 5am anyway. He ended up falling asleep on top of me, and I wasn’t able to move out from under him for quite a while. I didn’t want to disrupt his sleep anyway. Eventually, he stirred enough to roll over, and I snuggled into him and went to sleep.

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