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I woke up relatively early after 11 hours of sleep. I’d hoped to at least get a text from Brad, even if he didn’t want me to come over on account of his daughters being there. Unfortunately, there was nothing.

I got up and got some coffee while the computer booted, then took care of my free book & paid emails as they came in before getting on Astellia. I then waited around on there for Cyn and grew increasingly irritated at her for her usual sleeping habit. When she finally got on, it was evening and she seemed all ready to actually play for a change. However, we hadn’t completed a thing before she whined about being drained and exhausted. I was at the place we needed to be for a quest, and she wasn’t budging. She eventually logged out and went to lay down. I’d been waiting since Wednesday to be able to play with her again. I get that she’s going through some shit, so I felt like an ass for being irritated at her.

I got on Fallout 76 on the Xbox for a bit but didn’t do much before I logged back off. Then I got on ArcheAge to check things but again didn’t do much before I logged back off.

I heard from Brad but he said he was busy cleaning because he had a house showing the next day after his daughters had been there all weekend. I offered to help, and he took me up on it. But, when I got there, he was past the point of caring about it being perfect, and we ended up just standing around chatting instead until about 11 when we went upstairs for bed.

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