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I woke up to the sound of Brad texting me a little after 7am. I responded before it occurred to me that it was pretty early for him to be texting. Another one came in right away. I opened up the conversation and noted that the first text had a timestamp of about 11:30 but I didn’t get it until a little after 7am, but since he messaged back right away again I shrugged it off. He had his girls coming sometime that day but wanted me to come over. I got out of bed as fast as I could for the time of day and made my way to his house after grabbing a coffee to go.

We snuggled for a bit while we sipped on our coffees and watched Fox & Friends, then got busy on the couch. When we were done, I went ahead and got dressed, and he said that his ex should be there soon with the girls. So, I headed back home.

I made some more coffee while the computer booted, then took care of my free book & paid emails.

I tried getting on a number of games, hoping to entice Cyn into playing something with me. She got on Portal Knights with me, but quickly logged back out once she got the save bug, then sent me a text about how she has no motivation to do anything because of what’s been going on with her health for the last 7 years. I’m beginning to think she’d be better off avoiding doctors if this is how it’s going to be any time she goes to one for anything. She was only supposed to be asking about a refill of her thyroid medication and ended up giving them a full medical history with all her complaints. And then there’s nothing I can say to encourage her, no matter what I say it’s either the wrong thing or she counters it.

I eventually decided to dive back into my book. I read for a bit before and after getting Casey tucked in for bed.

Foolishly hoping to hear from Brad again, I got distracted from my book. I fiddled around on the computer for a while but went to bed shortly after 10pm. I only hoped I would hear if a text came in.

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