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I got up and got some coffee while the computer booted, then got on ArcheAge to tend my gardens. I spent the day on and off of there, but not really doing much of anything else.

Casey came in my room and gleefully announced that it had been his first time having cinnamon rolls of 2020. I informed him that he was wrong and that he’d even just had them the Sunday prior, but he pitched an absolute fit and told me I was being mean and lying.

Despite Casey’s “monster” behavior and the urgent need to poop (it’s been like a month), Dave ended up taking him to spend the day with Jennifer and her daughters. I was irritated about that but there wasn’t anything I could really say.

Finally, in the evening, I got on SL. Cyn had been doing nothing but spending time on there, so I figured something exciting must be going on if she’s refusing to do anything with me in favor of it. I was wrong. When I got on I asked what she was doing, and she said something to the effect of “Nothing, I’m not even tabbed here most of the time.” Seriously?

I found a gacha place that had a ton of stuff, bought a bunch for cheap, then logged back off.

I got on Astellia for the daily login, but it was delayed by an hour. I thought if they’d borked the spring forward, it would have been behind by an hour, but no. Apparently, ArcheAge does the same thing, but I don’t think I was playing that during the summer. I waited it out anyway while spending some time on Facebook and AdultFriendFinder.

I saw that Mindi had shared some supposed success for Anti-Vaxxers, claiming that they’d won in a case against the CDC and that the CDC had been forced to admit under oath that they did not have sufficient evidence that vaccines do not cause autism. I looked into it, since I am very pro-Vaccine, and found that it was all a fabrication by a prominent Anti-Vax group. The lawsuit referenced was only about the Freedom of Information Act, because the CDC had delayed handing over their research studies to the group. The group was wanting the CDC to either be forced to comply or admit to the above lie. It was settled and then dismissed “with prejudice” when the CDC finally handed over the information on 20 research studies.

I literally cannot get into a debate because of the effect it has on my health, but I am well-informed about the ONE *fraudulent* study that was done back in the ’90s and has been repeatedly debunked since which claimed that vaccines could cause autism. Even the Autism Science Foundation and Autism Speaks have sided with the Pro-Vaxxers!

I’d commented on Mindi’s post saying that I couldn’t find a legitimate news source to back up the post, and the original poster started trying to argue about it with me. I’ve learned that Anti-Vaxxers are pointless to argue with because they are just relentless. After a few messages back and forth, I deleted my original comment and messaged Mindi privately. She eventually responded and offered some hogwash about her own vaccine injury. Oh c’mon. The only vaccine injury she had was a bad reaction, but she’s had to get genetic testing performed because she has bad reactions to EVERYTHING. So it’s not a vaccine-related injury, it’s shitty genetics!

Dave finally brought Casey home an hour past his bedtime, on a school night no less! He must not have had Casey sit on the toilet at all, as his underwear was an absolute mess. Then Casey must have asked for some Miralax in his water at nighttime because I heard them talking about it. I went out there to ask Dave if he put some in his water, and he wouldn’t answer me. So, I asked Casey if there was some in his drink, and he nodded his head. So I called down to Dave, demanding to know how much he put in because Casey’s supposed to have a certain amount and I wanted to make sure he didn’t give him too much. He told me he’d only sprinkled a little bit in.

Casey spent some time sitting on the toilet, then I got him tucked into bed for the night. I got back to the computer, doing more of the same until I was ready for bed myself.

I’d sent Brad a gif around 9pm, wishing him a “sublime” week. I’d seen him on AFF earlier in the evening, and hoped my text would trigger a response. As I was laying in bed, having a bit of a hard time sleeping, I checked AFF and saw that Brad had been back on, just after 11. I was both irritated and relieved that he didn’t text me. And that was how I finally managed to fall asleep.

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