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I slept in later than expected, which was nice for a change. I got up and got some coffee while the computer booted, then took care of my free book & paid emails. I spent some time looking through Facebook before eventually getting on ArcheAge to tend my garden.

I spent quite a bit of time also playing Black Desert on the Xbox. Cyn mentioned a game they played on their PS4 but it didn’t look appealing to me. It also frustrated me again about her not getting on Astellia with me. I got Astellia up to date, planning to get on it and just start playing the character that was reserved to play with Cyn, but it took so long to get it up to date that I changed my mind by the time it was done.

I got on some other games on both the computer and the Xbox, but not for long enough to even mention any of them specifically. I wasn’t really interested in any of them.

I looked up naughty WoW gifs, thinking I could send one to Brad, but when I actually found some I was shocked and instead just sent him a text that I’d done the search. I sometimes hear from him and get to see him on Sundays, and I hoped I would this time. I never did get a response, though.

Dave and Casey finally got home, and I found out that they’d gone to a public park, where Dave had let Casey play on the playground! I was livid, and yet what could I say? The short answer is nothing. Anything I say would just get retaliated against. But how could he be so fucking irresponsible, taking Casey to the city where there are 5+ cases and letting him play on a public playground? What the fuck is he thinking?

I got Casey ready for bed around the usual time, then played some more Black Desert until I was ready for bed myself.

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