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I got up and got some coffee while the computer booted, then took care of my free book & paid emails before getting on Black Desert on the Xbox. I didn’t really do anything on there, though.

I ended up going to Walmart after a shower to pick up a CD I’d ordered and got a few other things while I was there. Back home, I finished some laundry and other things before getting ready for work.

I was hoping to see Casey before I went to work, but Dave hadn’t brought him back by the time I had to leave. I tried messaging Casey when I saw he was on Minecraft on his Switch, but I guess the Xbox chat messages don’t go through to there because I never heard back from him. I was going to tell him that he could have Dave bring him by my work so I could see his little face, but didn’t have the chance.

Work went ok, just a bit heavy-going being on my feet for that long. But my coworkers were super understanding about me needing to sit when I really needed to. I think, all in all, I’d taken about 5 minutes more of a break than I was “supposed” to. So I think I did pretty damn well! Most of the time when I’ll be working it won’t be just standing behind the register. The movement actually helps, the standing still is pretty hard.

I’d gotten a text from Brad while I was at work, and saw it on my second break. I mentioned being at work, and that I could come by after if he didn’t mind me crawling into bed with when I got there. He asked what time, and I let him know it would be a little after midnight. He said he may be in bed, but he was ok with that.

So, after work, I headed straight to Brad’s. I was hoping he would already be in bed, I had this thing about wanting to crawl into bed with a sleeping Brad. He indeed was, so I freshened up in his bathroom then went upstairs and crawled into bed with him. I wrapped an arm around him and laid there grinning like a fool for a while until I finally fell asleep.

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