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My day started out much like any other with coffee and all that. I got on Fallout 76 after my emails but didn’t stay on too long because I didn’t have anyone to do anything with at the time. I tried getting on Black Desert in the evening but only ended up being on long enough to claim an hour’s worth of login rewards.

Casey had gotten the Switch taken away while I was at work Saturday night. I guess he’d been doing a bad job with brushing his teeth and Dave wanted to check how they looked. He started flipping out and so Dave took the Switch away. Then Casey started beating the shit out of Dave. While Dave does deserve the shit beat out of him in general, in that particular situation he did not. So Casey also got the phone taken away.

I texted back and forth with Brad a bit in the evening and he invited me over. After getting Casey tucked into bed, I stopped by Kwik Trip on my way to his house.

We spent some time watching music videos on YouTube, then I pretty much pounced on him. When we finally made it up to the bedroom after that, we started again. He mouthed / very quietly said the words “I love you.” Surely I am imagining things? A while later we went to sleep. He was already snoring softly when I whispered: “I only sleep well when I’m with you.” Why can’t I say these things when he can actually hear me?

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