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I got up earlier than I wanted, especially considering I had to work from 3 until close. I was pretty sore but managed to get out of bed ok and get some coffee while also booting the computer. I scrolled through Facebook while waiting for my free book & paid emails to arrive, then took care of those. I pretty much stuck to Facebook until it was time to go to work.

Work went well, and I actually FINALLY got a text from Brad while I was there. I was trying to respond from my watch since it has some built-in auto-responses, but it wasn’t working out too well for me. He’d said he was ok, that he’d just needed time. I sent the auto-response “Ok.” I snuck into the bathroom to send a longer response, that I was glad he was safe. He said he’s always safe. I looked through my auto-responses available and settled on “Great!” By that point, he was under the impression I was with someone else. I snuck off to the bathroom again to let him know that I’d been using my watch to send responses because I was at work. We quickly made plans for me to go over to his house after work.

I made it through the rest of my shift without squeeing too loud for anyone else to hear lol. I headed straight to his house when I was done. I noticed his office light was on, but all the other lights were off so I assumed he was in bed. I freshened up in the bathroom and headed upstairs to find only Bailey laying in bed snoozing. At first, I thought I could just wait there for him, but something told me to go find him in his office. The poor guy had fallen asleep at his desk. I woke him up and he was incredibly, erm, happy to see me. During our little, uh, exchange, we told each other we belong to each other. It was sweet. Then we finally went upstairs and got into bed. I wasn’t able to fall asleep snuggled in his arms, though. I’d had too much soda at work and the dehydration was making my muscles in my legs spazz. I kept tossing and turning, just happy to be in bed with the man I love.

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