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Sucky Sunday

I woke up fairly early and checked Facebook out of habit. Daniel and Jamie were officially “in a relationship” on there. I felt broken.

I got out of bed and got some coffee while the computer booted, then got parked on SL.

I started sending messages to Jamie, and come to find out he’s been seeing her for months and making all these promises of a future to her as well! So then I got curious and asked Mindi, the girl he and I had had a threesome with many months ago, if they were still seeing each other. They had just seen each other the day before! So, I left his house on Saturday morning, immediately after we told each other we loved each other. He went back to sleep. When he got up he sent me some messages then went over to Mindi’s house. Then he left Mindi’s for Jamie’s. He’s been making the same promises to Mindi as well. Three of us, acting like he’s serious and thinking of a future with us all, wanting to impregnate us all even! Apparently, he has this fantasy of being like Genghis Khan, fathering some absurd number of children with as many women.

I told Mindi that I felt like I needed to go to church, reconnect with God. I looked up the time for Oasis, where I wanted to start attending, but their service was starting that very minute. She asked if I’d like to join her at her church and go out for lunch after to catch up. So I got dressed and drove to Sparta to join her.

The church service was perfect for both of us. Talk about a thorn in the side that you feel makes you weak when in reality you are strong.

We spent a few hours at Don’s restaurant in Sparta after, eating and talking about everything. And we both know he’ll reach out to us again, and we have to be strong and say no and not change our minds. We can’t keep putting ourselves through this with him. He’s full of shit.

Apparently, Jamie has been a hooker, and Daniel once even paid her for sex years ago. With one of her kids, there were 32 men listed as being the potential father, and Daniel’s name was on that list. They grew up down the road from each other, so they’ve known each other for most of their lives. And Mindi met him when she was 15 and loved him from first sight as well, and they’ve been seeing each other for 15 years now.

After we finally parted ways from the restaurant I headed back home. I got on the computer and scrolled through Facebook while also continuing to chat with Mindi in Messenger. Since Jamie’s profile was friends-only, she sent me all of the posts Jamie had made since the night before. It’s clear she’s not pleased with the situation, and yet she still has her status set to in a relationship. I wonder if she’s just playing games. I eventually declared that they were perfect for each other.

After getting Casey tucked into bed I got on Fallout 76 and joined the Discord server call. I played on there for a few hours until I was starting to fall asleep at my desk. I didn’t think I’d be able to sleep if I tried to go to bed before I reached that point, or if anything I’d just cry myself to sleep and I didn’t feel that he deserved that from me, or anyone.

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