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Stay at home mom!

I think I’m almost done! 🙂

So, Dave and I went on the hunt for day care during the last few days my parents were here in September. Unfortunately, the places we felt we could trust to watch him were too expensive, and the places we could afford were shit-holes. We don’t qualify for state assistance because we make too much money with two incomes.

I looked into our finances to consider the options, and we were only about a couple hundred dollars a month away from being able to afford one income. So, my parents generously offered to send us $200 a month so I can just stay at home with Casey for the first few years, until he goes off to school.

So, after giving it some thought, and even looking into a few more day care options, we made the decision that it would be in everyone’s best interest for me to just stay at home.

Now, I just have to tell Apac.

I’m waiting to tell them, because we have some kinks to work out. I hadn’t told them to add Casey to the insurance. For some reason, I thought they would do it automatically. They finally got him added, and I paid $700 worth of premiums to cover from the time I stopped working in July. I’m working on making sure all my absences to date are covered by FMLA and that the insurance premiums to date are fully paid, and make sure that Casey’s medical bills to date have been paid. My medical leave has been approved through November 30th, and I’m waiting for a new invoice for what I owe for the premiums. I’ve been working on letting the medical providers know it’s ok to resubmit the claims that haven’t been paid. I’m keeping a constant eye on all this so I can hopefully SOON tell Apac I will not be returning to work.

I actually can’t go back to work there, anyway. I have developed tinnitus and my carpal tunnel has worsened. Those were actually the reasons I stopped working so long before I had Casey, along with the severe groin pain I always had and the bad arthritis pain in my back that got so bad toward the end of my pregnancy. So, even if something happens that keeps us from being able to afford me staying at home, I still wouldn’t be going back to Apac. If they could put me in any position where I wasn’t on the phones and computer the WHOLE time, I would consider returning if need be. But, all the signs are pointing to stay at home mommy duty for me. 🙂

I have ONE MORE post coming, going over some marital difficulties, then I think I’ll be all caught up. 🙂

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