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Spoiled piggie alert!

I got a new cage for her the other day, giving her an added level and more space to move around. She doesn't like going downstairs just to use her litter pan, so I have another litter pan coming so she can have one on both levels. She's getting used to going up and down the ramp but spends most of her time upstairs. She can be lured downstairs with fresh food lol. So far it's actually staying cleaner than the last one was. I just needed to separate the cage liner from the hay and food.

So in the bottom is her hammock and a plush tent she can snuggle up in, and of course the litter pan and fresh food bowl. Upstairs she has a log to chew on with treats inside, her dry food, hay, and water, and in her little hidey-hole is a soft plush mat she can lay on to keep her comfy.

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