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Sore Sunday

Didn’t sleep the best Saturday night, partly because of the pain and partly also because I’d stayed up way too late. I set my alarm for 9:40-something and I think I was up a few minutes before it started going off.

Got up, got my coffee, got parked on SL, then took care of my free book & paid emails. Got on Wiz for some more pet training, and also did some gardening. Had some delicious cinnamon rolls for breakfast.

Checked the Minecraft sale when it was available, but still didn’t see anything new on it. I wasn’t really in the mood to play it, since nobody else is playing it right now, so I went back to Wiz and pet training.

In the early-to-mid afternoon, Casey asked about getting his privileges back, and Dave said he could have them back as long as he didn’t have any more juicy toots, or wasn’t a monster, and that if he had juicy toots or was a monster, he’d lose those privileges until after he went back to regular school in the fall, which is over a month away. So, Casey got on the Nintendo, and I stayed on Wiz.

For lunch I heated up a lean cuisine meal. It was ok, but I’m getting sick of not having home-cooked food.

On the one hand, I understand Dave’s reluctance to do extra cooking and cleaning because he already works full time, goes to school part time, and does his own laundry and cleans his own room and bathroom, as well as other miscellaneous little things here and there. On the other hand, I can’t do very much cooking or cleaning because of my knee. And, when (if?) we divorce, he’ll have to do all the household chores by himself anyway, so shouldn’t he just suck it up and start doing it now, since I can’t? But I can’t say that to him, because he’ll just spout off any number of comments about it that will just upset me.

Later on in the afternoon, Casey wanted to get on Minecraft. I told him he could get on, but that I wasn’t playing and monsters were on. He didn’t seem to care. So, he went on and started playing. I did get on with him for a little while at one point, when there was a thunderstorm, to watch and see if my horse would get struck by lightning to become a skeleton horse. Then I got back off and went back to Wiz.

Dave brought me my laundry after having put it in the dryer for me. That was actually nice of him. He’d asked me if I wanted him to before putting it in the dryer, and I didn’t see myself going down to take care of it, so I said yes please. So, when he asked if he wanted me to bring it up when it was done, I said yes please again. I had to take breaks from folding laundry, because the position my knee was in while folding was making it hurt pretty bad. During said breaks, I was working on farming the Loremaster on Wiz, for something to do that wasn’t so boring as pet training. She drops spells that you can’t get any other way, besides near-impossible crafting recipes for them. I didn’t get any spells, but at least I wasn’t doing pet training anymore.

For dinner I ended up just making myself some toast, because that’s what I was in the mood for.

After Casey had his dinner, a PB&J, I asked him if he wanted to relax with his tablet for a while. He said yes, and laid down in his bed to watch stuff on it.

Around 8:15 or so, we had him do his “important stuff” so it’d be out of the way. He was confused about it at first, and kept saying he wasn’t ready for bed, but we want to start doing it earlier to try and get him to bed earlier. Once he’d done that, we let him stay up with his tablet a little while longer. At least this way, reading to him at 9 is possible whereas before he was just starting his important stuff then and it would be nearly 10 before I’d tuck him in.

After he was tucked in, I got back on Wiz and resumed fighting the Loremaster some more. I sent a message to the Discord group I used to chat actively in (before it died) asking if anybody wanted to do a one-shot dungeon, Krokopatra, with me. One-shot dungeons are ones you buy, that are relatively cheap, that you do once and then they just become trophies and you can’t do it again without buying another one. One guy, Cameron, said he would, and he was going to take another character in with us, but we couldn’t find anybody else to join our team. So, we ended up farming the Loremaster together for a while.

And then, about 10:30 or so, I was ready for bed.

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