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Somewhat hectic Sunday

Ended up on SL with Colin for a bit last night, but we couldn’t find anything to do. Tried to see if any of our friends wanted to hang out, but they were all busy or going to bed. Had a problem with my avatar’s vampire teeth, so got them fixed. Thought about going to an old friend’s DJ set, but we were both pretty brain-friend by then. Got to bed around midnight or so.

Didn’t sleep the greatest, but not the worst either. Woke up much earlier than I thought I would, around 8am. I remember having dreams all night about being at a store with Dave that had Wiz prepaid cards, and I wanted to buy them all but I kept losing them.

Dave and Casey had gone to Dunkin’ Donuts without me, and didn’t even bring me back anything.

Then Dave ended up going to Aldi to get some groceries. I stayed at home and did my usual stuff.

Ordered a couple more mini spy-cams. Certainly one of them should work. I don’t have any need for them, just want them because I’m a geek.

Got dressed around 2 and took Casey over to Courtney’s house to get more acquainted with her and her sons, and also to give her the gift card to show our appreciation for all her help. Unfortunately, my bulky, more stabilizing, knee brace wouldn’t go on due to velcro issues. Just put the sleeve on and headed across the street. Chatted with Courtney for quite a bit. Confided about the separation, but without giving too many details.

Casey had a mess in his pants while we were over there, but nobody was done playing. So I got him home, got his clothes off and his shorts soaking but had to throw away the underpants. Made him sit on the potty for a while to try and poop, which he did after a short time. Got him into some fresh underpants and shorts, and let him go across the street.

I had to go to Walmart, so Casey stayed at Courney’s and played with her sons, and I had Dave keep an eye across the street if she needed any help with 3 boys running around.

Got a couple months supply of Casey’s vitamins, a backup set of fish water for the next time the tank needs cleaned, and some other miscellaneous things to help everyone over the next 6 weeks.

I’m not one of those parents who thinks that “boys” should play with “boy toys.” I think ALL toys are gender neutral. Boys just naturally gravitate towards trains and hot wheels, girls naturally gravitate toward barbies. But Casey showed interested in a barbie a few months ago, so I got these mini sparkle girls for both of us. We occasionally play with them together, but not often. One day last week, when I was at Walmart, I had picked up a new outfit for our “barbies.” Unfortunately, they were actually for the adult size dolls. So, when I was at Walmart this time, I picked up a couple of adult size sparkle girls for us. His was in a Wonder Woman outfit, mine in a mermaid outfit. I also picked up a bicycle helmet for him, but I’m not sure how they’re supposed to fit since I’ve never really used one, and it seems like it could be too small. Dave said it was right, though, so idk.

I was planning to make Tacos for dinner, but my leg was killing me after walking around Walmart. I didn’t want to use the electric cart this time, because even though I was limping, I felt it was the last time I would walk semi-normally for 6 weeks, so I wanted to take advantage of that opportunity. Unfortunately, I paid for it with a lot of pain afterward. Thankfully, Dave had an idea to just reheat some of the frozen spaghetti to have with some fresh garlic bread he’d gotten. Worked for me!

While we were thawing and cooking the spaghetti, Dave started being an ass. He was actually pretty wasted at that point, and he started calling me an overweight useless whore. Over and over. At first he was teasing me calling me a whore, so I called him one back, but then he took it too far and it pissed me off. I wanted to slap him, but then he’d just claim spousal abuse.

Colin woke up pretty late. He’d had the late night with me, then got up super early to order the new computer, and then got back into bed. So, he ended up getting up super late today. We weren’t able to talk, but he told me the laptop sounded like a jet engine. It eventually gave out and he couldn’t get it running again. He spent a few hours trying, though, while I went about other things.

I talked with a few of my friends who are also use the Bloodlines system. It’s basically turning your avatar into a vampire or werewolf. Colin and I are lieged to one person, who used to be in a familiar “clan,” then she changed to a different clan, and now we’re torn between those two, or going with my friend Satori and her new clan. We’re kinda leaning towards the idea of just starting our own clan, just for us, and becoming official allies with as many of our friends’ clans as possible.

After dinner, Casey was playing on my Nintendo, so I got on Wiz and did some fishing. I don’t know if I mentioned yesterday, but they’re doing a thing where fishing spells cost no energy for members. So I fished and fished and fished.

Had to clean the disaster of a kitchen and dining room that Dave left for me. He ended up going and laying on his bed and passed out. How nice of him.

Got in the shower and had to use this antiseptic body wash the hospital gave me. Will also have to shower in the morning and use it again. They want me squeaky clean and bacteria free for my surgery in the morning.

Got Casey ready for bed right after my shower. We kinda took our time and it was about 9 when I finally got him to bed.

Got back on Wiz and did some more fishing while Colin was installing drivers and necessary software back onto his old laptop, which isn’t good for much but should let us talk normally. He won’t be able to do anything else with Skype running, but at least we can talk and not have the strange sound from him using his Kindle. So anyway, ended up running out of space in my “backpack” for fish, and had to sell some. Sold 80-something fish for 50-something thousand gold. Not bad! I also caught another pet, but not the one I was aiming for. There’s this pet Betta fish that came out in a bundle that’s been discontinued, and supposedly it can be caught at the Storm house. So I’ve been fishing there trying to catch it, with no luck. After selling the fish, I went back and continued to fish some more.

Then it was nearly 10, and I’d restarted my phone and gotten it back up and running properly, so I got on Skype with Colin.

Just after getting on the call with Colin, I realized that I have gardens to tend to in Wiz. I told him I’d just give him my password and he could tend them for me if I was unable to, due to being doped up and possibly, probably, incapacitated.

Got my SL avatar changed, found a knee brace for her left knee. It’s not the right leg, but it’ll work for now.

Been typing ever since I got my avatar changed, and just realized that I won’t be able to have Colin tend my gardens, because he doesn’t have a computer capable of running Wiz. Oh well, if the plants die, I can use a spell to revive them. It’ll work out. No biggie.

That’s about it for now, I’m going to check my gardens on Wiz one more time before bed and then hit the hay.

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