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So over this drama...

So yesterday I'm chatting away with Cyn. She has a bunch of holes on the back of her leg, causing her great pain. She'd spiked a fever and gotten sick from it. She was finally taken to the doctor. They gave her an antibiotic, then said she'd need to go to the ER for an IV antibiotic if she wasn't better in 2 days.

She started freaking out, saying that if she went to the hospital they'd never release her even if she wanted to go home, even after the IV antibiotics were done being administered apparently? I tried to explain the Patient's Rights and Responsibilities, and the Right to Refuse Treatment, but she wasn't having it. She said she wasn't going to argue. I agreed and said I wasn't going to either. The next thing I know, she's going off on me, cussing me out and everything, for quite a while. She was telling me about when her dad had been in the hospital and wanted to go home but they wouldn't let him before he saw some sort of disease specialist. She accused me of going off on her, which I had not done, then said "Goodbye" and removed me from Facebook. Later that day, she also removed me from Discord. It's only a matter of time before she gets me removed from everywhere else we're "friends."

I'm so done with this. She does this so much it's ridiculous. She misinterprets whatever it is I'm saying then goes off on me and says Goodbye. Days, weeks, or months later, she comes crawling back. Not this time! I won't let her.

Meanwhile, at first, I was crushed because I'd lost my Xbox friend Shawn and then my parents and now her to various bullshit. I guess I was just in the mindset that it must be me if I'm losing all these people this way. And terrified that Greg and Casey would somehow or another be next. But I was reminded by a good friend (Colin) that I'm not the one who's psychotic. So now I feel better.

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