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Slumber Party

Last night, Casey wanted a slumber party with me. I do enjoy our “slumber parties.” Even though he snores! Since I deal with insomnia, I snuggle with him until he’s almost asleep, or sometimes until after he’s been asleep a bit, then I get back up and do my thing until I’m ready for bed.

So, last night, get him snuggled in. I was having a bit more trouble getting sleepy than usual, so it was a little after midnight when I start getting ready for bed. He was on my side, so I start to slide an arm under him to move him over, only to discover the bed is SOAKED. He’d peed the bed. 😦

So, I get Casey up to get him cleaned up a bit and into fresh PJs, then tuck him in by Dave. I get my sheets stripped off the bed, and the mattress protector. I get that stuff downstairs so it can get washed in the morning. I had to Resolve the foam mattress pad I keep on top of the futon mattress for extra comfort. It’s not going to smell the best, but at least it should take care of the pee.

I finally go to get into bed, with Dave and Casey, and Casey was snoring so loud! I hardly got any sleep and today feel like I’m hung over even though I haven’t had alcohol in at least a week.

Dave cooked a nice breakfast for us all this morning: Eggs with Potatoes O’Brien, Sausage patties, and pancakes. Then he got Casey’s clothes out of the dryer for me and put my sheets in the wash! Now I’m just waiting to figure out what the situation is with laundry before I hobble down there to do anything with it. I rotated my mattresses, needed to be done. Dave’s taking a nap so I’m just playing around on the computer.

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