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Sleepy Sunday

Just haven’t been sleeping the best lately. Woke up earlier than I wanted yesterday.

Did my usual, going on Wiz for this, that, and the other. Finished up the storyline quests in Polaris and started working on side quests.

Dave flipped out on Casey at one point for crying because he spilled his yogurt. I’ll admit, I flip out on Casey on occasion, but not like he did. It was freaking ridiculous!

Dave and I had it out with each other at one point. He told Casey that he and I should clean up the kitchen together and bake some cookies. My knee was still killing me from Friday. I don’t mind as much if he tells Casey to see if there’s something I want to do, but does he have to be specific? I went off on him for that, and he went off on me for supposedly being the reason (via not entertaining Casey) that he hadn’t gotten his paper done yet. That had nothing to do with me! He sat around watching TV in the morning, then did this, that, and the other, distracting his own damn self. It’s not my fault that the moment he FINALLY sits down to work on his paper, Casey wants his attention. We argued for several minutes, with Casey standing RIGHT THERE. I hate that! I was calm when I initially said that I didn’t like it when he suggested specific activities for Casey and I to do, but he flipped the freak out.

That’s pretty much it for Sunday.

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