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Saturday & Sunday

Got up early Saturday without any alarms. Got my coffee and got on SL to park, then got on Blade & Soul for some more farming. I still hadn’t gotten all the pieces I wanted.

Dave was at work, so I talked to Colin for a short while, and then Casey and I went to the store to get a few things. We got some clothes and shoes, and I got a new digital camera, and those things made our bill soar up to damn near $300. Ouch.

We had Cub Scouts at 2pm. I’d been under the impression that Leanne was bringing Michael to it, but I got a text from Daniel to confirm the details. That made me happy, because it meant I’d be seeing him.

Cub Scouts went well, we met at the park and once everyone was there headed out for a bit of a nature walk. Everyone started trickling out, except Daniel, so Casey and I stayed until they left. It was nice to spend some time with just us. Daniel and Michael asked about having us over on Sunday, so we made some plans for that.

Headed back home and got Casey some dinner and then a bath. Had some dinner myself while he was soaking. He spent some time on his tablet relaxing before it was time to get ready for bed. Once he was tucked in, I got back on Blade & Soul, but wasn’t up for much longer myself before I was sleepy enough for bed.

Sunday morning, woke up to my alarm around 7:30 and got some coffee. Got on SL to park, then got on Conan to refresh the bases before getting on Blade & Soul. I did a few runs in the tomb where I was trying to get the final piece I wanted, and then texted Daniel that Casey was ready whenever they were. He said they were ready but asked if I could bring some milk, otherwise they’d have to run to town to get it. I didn’t mind stopping for it, so I told him I’d bring some. So, we headed to Walmart and got milk and a few other things on our way to Daniel’s.

The boys had a blast playing all day, both inside and out. Casey had his moments, the usual bullshit of being overly sensitive and making stuff up about what Michael was doing. I was getting onto him about it, because it’s the equivalent of lying to me about what his friends are doing. Otherwise everything was fun for them. Daniel and I got some private time a couple times while we were there. I was also quite proud of myself: I carried on in the conversation! I actually am starting to open up and talk more! I was so proud of myself, I even emailed Lisa to tell her once we got home, because I’d probably forget to at our next appointment if I didn’t.

We didn’t leave there until about 5:30. Headed home, got some dinner for both of us, and then got Casey ready for bed. Got on Blade & Soul and worked on the tomb some more, but headed to bed fairly early.

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