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Saturday & Sunday

Saturday morning, got my coffee and got parked on SL. Spent a little while relaxing before heading out for the day at Cub Scouts.

Took some pictures, will have to import them to the computer and post a few. We spent quite a while clearing brush around the Cub Scout cabin, and then sat down for a picnic lunch. Casey kept spazzing out about stuff, and I mentioned to another mom that I was wondering if he had a sensory processing disorder. She said her son does, and that Casey could. She suggested speaking to his teacher, because they could have an Occupational Therapist come in and evaluate him. Anyway, after we were done with lunch, we went door to door collecting food for the local food pantry.

Headed home and wound down for the evening, while getting Casey in the bath. Dave headed out to spend the night with one of his girlfriends.

Got on SL with Autumn for a while, got changed and just hung around.

Got Casey to bed around the usual time, then got back to hanging out with Autumn on SL.

After a little while, we got on Minecraft. I started a new world for it to be our “main” world to play in, since there was the new Village & Pillage update. In our old world, to find the redesigned villages and any pillages we’d have to travel beyond any previously explored area. Well, we’ve explored a LOT. I started one in a Tiaga Village biome, and we played on there up until bedtime.

Sunday, got up and got my coffee, then got on SL. Spent a bit of time changing and just hanging around, then got on Minecraft with Autumn.

Dave finally showed up back at home, and had brought some red velvet cupcakes. He and Casey walked to my room, singing, witch Casey holding the cupcakes with a single candle in each. That was sweet, and thank God he didn’t drop them and set anything on fire. They weren’t the best cupcakes, but I made like they were good. They weren’t real red velvet. Red velvet is so much better than whatever that was. Slightly tinted chocolate cupcakes?

Later in the afternoon, Casey got on Minecraft as well. He said he didn’t want to play in my new world, though, because there’s no teleporting and no creative mode. As long as he’s happy to play “separately together” that’s fine with me. One of these days I need to get on his world with him, he’s been asking me to.

Autumn and I made great progress on our world, while Casey had fun building in his. Spent the rest of the day doing that.

Got Casey to bed a little later than intended, despite having talked earlier about getting him to bed half an hour usual than “normal” on school nights.

Got back to Minecraft with Autumn, working on obtaining materials and building our homes. Did that up until bedtime, which was about 11:30. A little later than it should have been really, but reasonable.

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