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Saturday & Sunday

Saturday, woke up before my alarm was due to go off. Dave was just getting ready to head out the door with Casey to drive down to the Quad Cities. I wasn’t certain if they’d be back the same day or not, so was sure to get in a few snuggles before they left.

Managed to get on SL to park, but then I was hit with a panic attack. I hadn’t even made my latte, because I felt a little off to begin with. Heard from Colin after a short while, and was thankful to have him to talk to while I got calmed back down.

Once I felt calmer, I made a latte and changed on SL. Just kinda hung around doing nothing, willing myself to feel more awake, but it wasn’t happening. I was talking to Autumn a bit as well through text, and even heard from Daniel and chatted with him a bit. But ultimately, I just could not stay awake. I let everybody know I was laying down, told Daniel I’d leave the door unlocked if he wanted to come over and wake me up, then laid down.

I’m not sure how long I slept, but I felt his presence and stirred. He’d brought me a frappe, which was super sweet of him. It was ignored and left to melt for a little while though, lol. I think my knee would have preferred if I’d just went straight for the frappe. We got in the shower and he washed me, like I’d reminded him about from a couple months ago. He said he had to go drop off some wood chips and check his mail, but asked me to dinner after.

While he was gone, I got back to SL with Autumn and we went to a gacha and gacha resale place for Chibi Noodle avatars. They actually had stuff for another type of avatar as well, a sea horse called Harry Hippocampus. I ended up getting that avatar and some things to go with it and my Chibi Noodle.

I was waiting to hear what was going on with dinner plans, but was getting hungry. He’d not gotten the check he was waiting for, though, and was also exhausted. I ended up just ordering a p’zone and stuffed garlic knots from Pizza Hut, and am pretty sure he passed out not long after I even placed the order.

After we both ate, me and Autumn got on Minecraft to finish getting the panda home, and then I went to bed. I heard Dave and Casey getting home as I was falling asleep.

Got up today, got my latte, and got on SL to park. Casey woke up shortly after and gave me some snuggles, then grabbed his tablet. I wanted to do something nice with him for Mother’s Day, so I ended up taking him to Paul Bunyan’s for breakfast on the way to the Zoo in Madison.

Breakfast was delicious, as always! I’m so glad we got there in time to have it instead of lunch lol. They gave me the most beautiful perma-rose as well. Those are the best kind!! I love flowers that last forever!

We shopped in the gift shop a little while before getting back in the car and heading to the zoo.

I was really uncertain how things would go at the zoo, with my knee the way it’s been. I’d brought my cane with, though, and was determined to have an amazing day, even if I’d pay for it for 6 weeks after. The Zoo was a free-admission zoo but they have places around where you can leave donations. I gave Casey a $5 bill and he put it in the first donation collection box we found. Then we spent a few hours walking around looking at, and taking pictures of, all the animals, except for the cockroaches EWW! We shopped in the gift shop and got a few things before heading back home.

Finally got home just before 7 and got settled back in. Let Casey wind down with some tablet time before getting him ready for bed. I guess Dave peeked in on him and their eyes met, because around 9 Casey got back up for a glass of water. I wanted another hug and kiss, but then he was asking about a slumber party. I finally was able to get him to his own bed with the promise of a slumber party on Friday night.

Got on MC and did some fishing for leather since it’s a junk loot from that, and then some mining. Started getting sleepy, so just kept doing the same ole same ole mundane tasks until I was ready for bed.

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