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Saturday & Sunday

Got up before my alarm on Saturday. Got my latte and jumped straight onto Portal Knights. Cyn and I played on there all day, working on questing and a bit of building. We really got quite far, but I kept thinking I wished I’d made a large world instead of a medium one.

Casey spent the day playing Minecraft and got to stay up a little later again, got him to bed around 9.

Stayed up until sometime between midnight and 1am myself, then went to bed. It was nice to be able to stay up a bit later, I’d just have to hope it wouldn’t mess me up for school Tuesday.

Got up before my alarm again on Sunday. Got my latte and jumped straight onto Portal Knights again. I wasn’t expecting to hear from Cyn until Thursday because they were going out of town for a getaway and for her brother’s graduation.

I ended up buying a cheap server on G-Portal to host Portal Knights. For one, it will allow the world to remain online 24/7 but with a daily restart at 4am. For another, I could recreate the world as a large one and keep myself busy working on it while Cyn was away.

I had quite a bit of trouble while setting it up, mostly due to the lag I experienced each time I tried joining the world. I deleted the server a couple times then created a new one, and finally the third one ran smoothly. I got on and got busy building a 2 bedroom house for Cyn and I to share, since I knew she didn’t like building on this game.

Cyn texted me that Jordan hadn’t been able to get the day off work, so they couldn’t go out of town until Monday. So I gave her the new server details and she joined. She immediately started complaining about increased lag and teleport times, and didn’t seem very happy about wasting all the hard work put into the other world, especially since she’d built her own house there. She was excited about the server being up 24/7 though. Hopefully she’d come around on the rest of it.

I continued building while she set out to unlock all the portals we’d unlocked in the old world. Once she got to the first boss, she waited for me to get to a stopping point on the building, then we tackled the first boss together. Then we proceeded to unlock the next portals together, which involved a dungeon and a bit of questing.

She was having a lot of issues with her game not wanting to finish the saving process, causing her to have to do relogs until it would work again. This process repeated itself several times, but we were finally able to get the rest of the portals unlocked. The next time she got the save bug, she logged off for the night.

It was kind of frustrating for both of us, because for her it was a pain to constantly relog, for me it was both a lot of waiting around and also a lot of feeling like she blamed the new server.

I stayed on another hour or so, buying the deeds for the other lands we could use for resources or “homes,” and traveling to them. I planted some extra cactus at the desert one, and intended to chop down a bunch of trees in the forest one but I was too tired so I went to bed instead.

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