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Saturday & Sunday

Ended up hanging out with Autumn on Wiz Friday night. There wasn’t really much for us to do, so we both just focused on some pet training. Once I was done with mine, I fought the Jade Oni some more. Managed to get a wooden key from his chest afterward, so then Autumn went with me to fight Ra. Didn’t get the mote I need, of course.

After Ra I mentioned doing the House of Scales. According to Wiz, it’s a 30 minute dungeon. I’ve done it before, and knew it was longer than that, but it was MUCH longer than 30 minutes. I was dozing off in the middle of it, but managed to persist and we got it done. I didn’t get the mote I need from that boss either, and she’s known to drop it from time to time. One day I’ll get the last of the motes I need…

It wasn’t drastically late when I got to bed Friday night. Got to sleep in a bit on Saturday morning. Slept ok, better I think than I had been.

Got my coffee and got on SL to park. Then hopped on Wiz to tend the gardens and use up any spare energy. Dave was off to work, but I hadn’t heard from Colin yet. Got my free book & paid emails done, and just waited to hear something from Ronda and Todd.

Finally they came by about 11:30am, and asked me twice to be sure it was ok that they took him to get lunch and take it to the park. I said yes, despite not wanting them to. Just because she’s an alcoholic and he’s an enabler. But, Dave feels that what’s fair is fair, if one set of grandparents can take him for a few hours the other set should be able to.

Once they were gone, I decided to go grab some lunch. Dave was off to the dealership in Onalaska to get the trade-in information for his car and talk to a salesperson about the car he was looking at, so it was just me. Still hadn’t heard from Colin, but he hadn’t been sleeping well.

I went to BP’s Smokehouse here in town. Dave had been there a couple times and said it was ok, but nothing to write home about. I got a pulled pork sandwich and a beef brisket sandwich with fries and onion rings. It was a lot of food, and it was pretty good, but yeah it’s definitely not the best barbeque I’ve had.

After lunch I headed home, and finally heard from Colin. Ronda and Todd were still out with Casey, and Dave wasn’t home yet, so we got to talk for a bit.

Ronda and Todd got back with Casey just about the same time Dave got back from his outing. We all socialized for a bit… well, I tried but had to keep going back to my room to sit down. They didn’t stay long before they headed back to the hotel.

Dave said they were only willing to give him $1500 for his car, but they came down a tad on the price of the one he’s looking at. It would be doable, but his car’s worth more than what they’re offering. So, he said for me to call the credit union on Monday and that he’d contact the salesperson to see if he can get a few hundred more for his car.

Autumn had been talking about a game she plays, called Aura Kingdom. I’d been curious about it but hadn’t actually checked it out. I spent an hour downloading it in the afternoon on Saturday. Got my character set up and started playing a bit. Once Autumn was home from an outing, she asked what I was up to. She offered to help, which I needed lol. It seemed a lot like DDO but anime, but I didn’t know the controls or how to do some of the tasks.

Ended up just having one of my frozen meals for dinner, once I was even hungry. I don’t remember which one it was.

Throughout and after dinner I kept playing on Aura Kingdom. Autumn gifted me some stuff and I was able to get some things myself. Ended up with an adorable costume!! And a ridiculous mount, as well lol.

Got in the shower later than intended, I kind of lost track of time.

Casey slept in Dave’s bed, so I didn’t have to do much to get him tucked in. I worried, though, how he was going to be the next day. He always seems to be so crabby the day after slumber parties.

Didn’t stay up too late, but did enjoy the time spent on the new game and stayed up later than I probably should have. So, I set my alarm for Sunday morning so I wouldn’t sleep in too late. I didn’t know when to expect Ronda and Todd, and didn’t want to miss breakfast with them.

Got up and grabbed some coffee, then got on SL to park. Checked my gardens on Wiz, did my daily dice roll on DDO, then got on Aura Kingdom for a bit while I waited to hear what was going on.

Was able to get quite a bit of questing done until about 11:30 when they finally showed up. Logged off, got dressed, and we headed out.

Casey wanted to go to Culver’s, but Dave and I wanted to take them to the Sparta Family Restaurant. Casey finally agreed to go there.

I drove us all there, and we spent about half an hour waiting for Ronda to decide what she wanted to eat. It didn’t help that Dave kept jabbering, causing her to start jabbering instead of focusing on the menu. Finally she decided and we placed our orders. I got an omelette with the works, Dave and Todd got a skillet, Ronda got some sort of mexican style wrap, and Casey had chocolate chip pancakes. His syrup ended up being too sweet of an addition to the pancakes, so he didn’t eat much of them. My omelette was ok, but not as good as what I get at Perkins. Usually my food at the Sparta Family Restaurant is so much better. I was kind of disappointed with the quality this time. Anyway, once we finally got our food, it took Ronda probably a good 45 minutes to eat. The whole while I felt uncomfortable in the chair, and my bad leg kept falling asleep, and waking up in pain. So, when we were finally done and checking out, I asked Dave to drive.

Got home and spent a few more minutes chatting with Ronda and Todd before they hit the road to go back to the Quad Cities. One thing that’s nice about them, they spend more time with Casey than my parents. My parents come for a freaking night then hightail it out of here. They came and stayed 2 nights and spent a fair bit of time with him.

Once they were gone, I got back on Aura Kingdom and continued questing. Found out it’s available on Steam, so ended up downloading their copy. Kind of froze everything up on the computer during the process, but it worked. Once it was installed, which took about an hour, I got back in and resumed questing.I found I was leveling up rather quickly. I don’t necessarily mind that, though. Just depends if there’s a max level at some point.

I wasn’t hungry until much later in the evening, so ended up just having a bowl of cereal.

Managed to get my gardens tended on Wiz before I went to bed, just to use the energy so I wouldn’t cap out.

Got to bed earlier than the previous night, because I had a couple appointments in the morning and had to be up early.

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