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Saturday & Sunday

Saturday was more of the same ole same ole. Got up somewhat early after a somewhat early night. Felt like crap. Got my coffee and did my usual morning routine: Parked on SL, gardens on Wiz, dice roll on DDO, and then on to Aura Kingdom. Played Aura on and off all day.

Autumn was still having connection issues with her internet, so didn’t see much of her.

Got Casey to bed and stayed on Aura Kingdom until I was ready for bed myself.

Slept ok, got up at a decent time again. Still felt bad.

Got my coffee, parked on SL, gardened on Wiz, rolled dice on DDO, then got on Aura Kingdom.

Dave had mentioned that if everyone was up for it, we’d go to Paul Bunyan’s for lunch and their Lumberjack Show. Well, it ended up calling for rain, so we didn’t.

I had the idea of maybe going to a movie, so I asked Casey if he wanted to see the Incredibles 2 or Christopher Robin. He picked Christopher Robin. I asked Dave if he wanted to go with. He said yeah. The movie would start at 2:40.

Dave asked if I was going to take him to get Pho before the movie, so we left early. When we got to the Pho restaurant, it was closed. Great. So, I found this other place, Fayze’s Restaurant and Bakery, because Casey said he wanted a cinnamon roll. I got this kinda tex-mex breakfast scramble, and Dave got french toast. It was good, I’d definitely go back.

It was raining when we got out of the restaurant, plus we were running late, so it was a mad dash in the pouring rain back to the parking garage where I’d parked.

Managed to get to our seats while the previews were still going. Dave and I were both full, so we didn’t bother going to the concessions.

Shortly into the movie, Casey was asking why we didn’t have anything to eat. I told him it was because we’d already eaten. Then he kept trying to talk to me about something or another, and got upset because I kept shushing him. He ended up laying on me for a while so I could watch the movie. Then he moved over to lay on Dave.

After the movie, which was very good btw, we stopped at a little cafe called Moka, and got some drinks to have on the way home. I had a black & white mocha. It was good! Casey had hot cocoa that came with a little candy.

When we got home, we all kinda just vegged the rest of the day. I got on Aura Kingdom, of course. Did that on and off the rest of the day.

Got Casey to bed a tiny bit earlier, and stayed on Aura Kingdom questing.

Finally had appetite for dinner when it was about 10 or 11, so heated up a frozen dinner. It was tasty. Then I wanted to have a Bomb Pop. Something about the combination or the hot to cold upset my stomach, and I didn’t get to bed until almost 3am.

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