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I got up earlier than I thought I would, considering I’d had a bit of trouble getting to sleep the night before. I got some coffee while the computer booted, then quickly took care of my free book & paid emails.

I headed to the Uhaul rental place and picked up the truck, took it across the road to fill it up with fuel, and dropped it back off. Then, I headed to Walmart to get some groceries. On my way home I stopped by Dave’s and picked Casey up to hang out with me for a few hours. I’d forgotten the quick-mop thingy so I had to go back and get it, but then we headed to my apartment.

I was busy with unloading stuff from the van and putting things away, then I cleaned the floors and got more things settled where I wanted them. Casey had brought his phone and tablet, so he stayed busy doing stuff on Minecraft.

I took Casey back to Dave and headed home to shower before work. I was starting to feel very queasy, though. Still, I tried going to work. I wasn’t feeling any better at all, and it was determined that I should try and find someone who could cover my shift. They managed to find someone who could cover the kitchen and Justin would cover for me. They made sure I wasn’t to be working Sunday either because I had to be symptom-free for 24 hours before returning to work.

I headed back home and started nursing some water. I had a very upset stomach and was pretty sure it was from a combination of dehydration and a touch of heat sickness from moving the day before. I hadn’t had enough water to drink throughout that day and I’d definitely overheated myself with all the moving.

I wasn’t really wanting to lay down or anything, so I ended up getting on Black Desert. I spent some time cleaning and organizing as well. I actually ended up using the quick-mop about 6 or 7 more times, but my feet kept getting filthy on the bottom just from padding around the apartment. I’d have to get a real mop at Walmart soon.

I stayed up talking to Shawn on voice and playing Black Desert with him until it was around 11 or so, then I headed to bed.

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