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I got up and got some coffee while the computer booted, then took care of my free book & paid emails before hopping on Black Desert. I spent quite a bit of time on there doing rift bosses.

I dropped Casey off at Dave’s around 3 so I would have plenty of time to relax before getting ready for work.

Work was chaotic, to say the least. I worked with Stephany and she really made me bust my ass like I haven’t before. She had me doing everything that other people are normally doing. I was glad for it, don’t get me wrong, but by about halfway through my shift I was feeling it. Then the truck didn’t get there until about 11:30 and we closed at midnight. So we had to rush to get everything put away from the truck so we could leave for the night.

I texted Brad during a bathroom break around 10 and heard back from him fairly quickly. I was surprised, I’d expected he’d have his daughters. I made plans to go over to his house after work. When I got there, though, he wasn’t home. He’d texted me about an hour before commenting on a video I had on my AFF profile, so I was honestly wondering if he was bothered by it, wondering if I’d been sleeping around on him. I tried texting a couple times but finally called when I didn’t get a response. He said I could let myself in the back door, and he would be home shortly.

It turned out he was hanging out at a guy’s house that I’d talked to on AFF, the very same guy who had told me he used to be FWB with Brad and that he hadn’t heard from him since he started seeing someone he’d met on the site, meaning me. I remember there being confusion about whether or not it was the same Brad, but obviously, it was. Brad hadn’t been able to see my pics or videos on the site before, because he’s not a paying member. So the guy had logged onto his account to show Brad the parts of my profile he hadn’t been able to see before.

We talked a bit about that and determined we should have a 3some with that guy, though Brad still insists he’s not into being with another dude. We also agreed about meeting some of the couples I’d been talking with. I’ll have to have Brad over some time or log onto my account at his place so he can see their profiles before I give the go-ahead to them.

After a short while of talking, we started fooling around, first in the kitchen and then the living room, and then I asked about going upstairs because both the kitchen and living room were making me sorer than I already was after a hectic shift. We headed upstairs and made love for a bit before finally going to sleep.

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