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Despite getting to bed relatively early last night, I didn’t sleep well at all. I think my body found a comfy position to start with, and I didn’t move around at all during the night, so then I woke up to a flattened mattress and felt like I’d slept on a slab of concrete all night. My knee wasn’t as bad as the rest of my body. My back and everything was super sore. I’d slept almost 12 hours, the only reason I got up when I did was because I’d set my alarm for 9:45.

Casey was already up, but hadn’t eaten breakfast. I didn’t see him until after I’d gotten dressed for the day, and he immediately asked for something to eat and drink. I had him help himself to some cereal while I poured him some chocolate milk.

I got to talk to Colin for about an hour before my dad arrived at 11. During that hour, I managed to get dressed on SL and check my gardens on Wiz, but didn’t even try to launch Sims 4. I knew there wouldn’t be enough time to do anything before my dad arrived.

Once my dad was there, I asked him to get Casey a bath. But, Casey was being all modest and didn’t want Grampy to see him naked. I told him Grampy has seen him naked tons of times, since the day he was born, but he felt that now he was a big boy and it was different. Fair enough. I sat on the toilet lid while Casey washed himself, then I washed his hair for him. He didn’t want to soak or play, which he hasn’t been doing lately anyway, so got him right out and wrapped up in a couple towels.

I got back on the computer while Casey was getting dried off, and took care of my free book and paid emails. Some days it feels like a chore to do them, but most days I enjoy it because of the benefits.

While I was doing that, my dad got the car seat moved to his rental car to take that for the trip to Madison to pick my mom up from the airport. I haven’t seen her in a year, and haven’t talked to her much over the past couple years because of some health things she’s had going on. I wasn’t sure she’d even make it on the trip, but she did!!

By the time I was all done with my emails, it was time to leave. Put some tramadol and tylenol in a pill case so I could take them if I needed to while we were gone. Got my tablet and vapor makers in my purse and headed out the door.

I tried my damnedest to stay awake on the drive down. Spent the first half of the trip just playing on my phone. But even with my phone in my hand and actively doing stuff on it, I started dozing off. So, I put my phone to the side and succumbed to sleep lol.

We got to the airport around 2. I thought my mom’s flight wasn’t getting in until 3, but my dad had said we needed to leave the house by 12:30 to pick her up, which we did. So when we got there, I confirmed with my dad about when her flight was landing, and sure enough we had almost an hour to kill. I stepped outside to “blow some steam” as Casey calls it. He asked why I was going outside, and I said that I couldn’t do it inside there because other people might not like it. When I felt satisfied from it, I headed in to the little bakery that was right by the entrance and got a cheese pastry to share with Casey. Damn near $5 for the thing! Airport prices. It was good, though.

My mom’s flight landed and we headed over to the stairs to meet her. She came down the stairs and then Casey and Grammy ran to each other and embraced. She was crying, so happy to see and hold him again. We got her bags and headed back to my dad’s rental car.

I’d whispered to Casey while we were waiting for my mom’s flight to land to ask Grammy and Grampy if they wanted to stop at Paul Bunyan’s in the Dells on the way home to eat. He never did, and my dad was already driving. It seemed like we were taking a different route out of town than what we’d taken in, but I wasn’t really paying much attention to it. All of a sudden, there it was… CHICK-FIL-A!!! My dad surprised us by treating us to that for dinner. Casey and I LOVE Chick-Fil-A and haven’t eaten at one since we’ve lived in Wisconsin because the one in Madison is the closest, and that’s at least 45 minutes longer than I care to drive just for fast food!

We got our food and sat down to eat. Casey ate his nuggets then went to play. Another little boy was being mean to him, trying to pull down his pants and weird stuff. My mom was able to see what was going on, but Casey never came out and complained about it. The other little boy’s mom went in and dragged him out, so we let things be. My dad went to get us some chocolate chip cookies, which were still warm from the oven. We ate those and then all of us were ready to leave.

The trip back to Tomah felt a lot longer than the trip to Madison. I even tried to shut my eyes and catch a few zzz’s, but couldn’t. My mom was having a hard time being in the car, too.

I was checking my Facebook feed at one point and it showed that Mandie had commented on someone’s anonymous rant about wanting to buy new underwear and her husband responding by saying he wanted to punch her in the face. Mandie’s comment implied that they must not be mature. I responded something like, “Or he’s a narcissist.” I’m married to a narcissist, and Dave says shit like that to me at least once a week. She believes it circles back to maturity. I believe it’s a mental illness. But, I do also believe Dave is immature, so I just said the equivalent of nodding and smiling.

Finally we made it back to the house. First I showed my mom around, then Casey showed her around too lol. They stayed a few more minutes, then headed back to the hotel. I was pretty tired as well and didn’t really feel up to socializing anymore.

Got back on Firestorm for SL, I’d been on Lumiya all day so I could easily chat if anyone messaged me. Whenever I know I’m going to be away from the computer for extended periods, I like to use Lumiya for SL.

Dave got home about 6:30 and had brought some Papa Murphy’s with him for his dinner. I was still full from Chick-Fil-A though.

Dave asked Casey if he had a good day, but Casey didn’t respond to him. So then I ask Casey if he had a nice mini road trip. Dave’s like “didn’t you go with?” I was like, “yeah…” “Well then wouldn’t you know if he had a good trip?” I’m like… uhhh… “Cuz that’s bizarre that you asked him that.” Ummm… it’s a nice thing to do, basically making sure he enjoyed himself. If the 3 of us ever go out and do things, sometimes I’ll ask if he had a nice time. It’s just what you do. You make sure others were satisfied. How is that bizarre? Fucking weirdo, he is!

After that, I came back to my computer, and just got started on posting about yesterday and today here. Casey’s laying on my bed with the Nintendo. I’m hoping he’ll be ready for bed soon. And, I really don’t care where he sleeps tonight either.

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