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I did, indeed, end up watching 13 Reasons Why again last night. It’s turning out to be interesting so far. Difficult to say when I’ve only finished the 2nd episode. But, I’m enjoying it.

Got to bed at a fairly decent time, around 11. Set my alarm for 9 again. Woke up around 7:30 to use the restroom, and crawled back into bed. Got up again a little after 9. Felt a little better, but still have a tense and stiff neck.

Got my coffee and started up my laptop. I was able to get on SL and get dressed, and then my computer popped up with alerts about maintenance and updates. Around this time, I heard from Colin and got on Skype with him. I logged out of Firestorm (SL) and back onto Lumiya (mobile SL). I went ahead and took care of the maintenance and updates, which involved a few computer restarts.

Once the computer was almost done with it’s update, Colin and I hung up and I got me and Casey dressed and we headed back to Walmart. I needed to exchange the USB wall charger, since it had a type C output and I don’t even know what a type C is. And, Casey wanted a new pair of Crocs, so we got those for him. He said his were too small, which they might be, but I could have sworn we’d gotten the size 11s the last time. Oh well. Also grabbed a new pillow for my bed, hoping it’ll help with my comfort while sleeping. And a few other things we’d forgotten yesterday. At checkout, Casey wanted to get some snickers bars for the 3 of us, so I let him. I told him we wouldn’t have them today, though.

Headed on back home and put the stuff away. Had to rearrange a few things to get the new wall charger in a good spot, it’s a bit wide so I couldn’t use it where I’d first planned. Came up with an alternative that will work. I’ve just been feeling lately that I’m one USB charger short all the time. Everything these days seems to charge or operate via USB.

Casey helped me with the dishes again, which was awesome. Afterward, he announced that he was trading in some Minis to go ahead and get the Super Mario Maker game we’d gotten at Toys R Us for 50% off a few weeks ago. I’d offered that as an option, he could either earn the game by saving up instead of getting small rewards for chores, or he could trade some things in to get it. So, I tallied up where he stood with the chores he’s helped with this week and how many Minis he was trading in, and went ahead and grabbed the game from downstairs. Honestly he may have gotten the short end of the deal, but it worked. I told him the first things he’ll be earning back are the Minis he’d just traded in. He was just excited about the new game, which he started playing right away. While he was excitedly figuring out how to play that, I got our laundry folded.

I posted on Facebook about him earning his game, as well as about starting a new diet to lose weight. I had relaunched the MyFitnessPal app so I could start tracking my dietary intake, and I started Slim Fast today. I went ahead and entered in my coffee and milkshake for breakfast, an apple for a snack between breakfast and lunch, some more coffee and another milkshake for lunch, and later on my dinner, and am still able to enjoy a modest snack! Also, my fitness tracker (Striiv Fusion Bio 2) tracks my calories burned via steps walked, and it syncs automatically with MyFitnessPal. It wouldn’t even convert my steps to calories burned, because it would have me too far under my calorie goal. So, I could probably have a pretty nice snack and still be within my goal for the day. I think I’ll have some popcorn when I watch some more 13 Reasons Why later.

After I posted on Facebook, I went to put our laundry away. Casey hollered for me to come and look at something. I told him I couldn’t at the time, and he ended up coming across the house to me and showed me he’d lost his other tooth! YAY!

After the excitement of the tooth loss, I went back to the computer. I was doing research on some weight loss things and some other stuff as well. I ended up placing an order for a few essential oils to try to help with weight loss, that can also be used for other things as well.

Got Casey soaking in the bath while I logged some more things in MyFitnessPal and prepared my dinner. After I was done eating, I got him washed up. He went back to his game, and I got on SL and started fiddling with some things at my premium land. I was able to save 10 land impact by using a temp rez system. Pretty decent. Wish it was more, but the temp rez only works with “prim” and a lot of what I own is “mesh.” Prim = Basic, Mesh = Fancy. Mesh looks a lot nicer, but so far is incompatible with temp rez systems. That’s fine, I guess. At least I saved some! Dave got home from work while I was doing that.

Once I wrapped up things in SL, I got in the shower. I used the Vegan shampoo and conditioner tonight. I do like it, and love how it smells. I haven’t used it in a while because I’ve always been wanting to rush through my showers due to the pain. Not that the pain wasn’t bothering me, but I wanted to treat my hair.

After my shower, I got Casey started right away on doing his “important stuff.” He takes his sweet time when he does it by himself, but it’s better than me having to hobble in there and do it for him. It’s too much pressure on my knee to brush his teeth for him and wash his face for him. Plus, he’s a big boy now, I think he can handle it on his own.

Read a short book to Casey and then tucked him in. I got started on posting this, and I heard him call for me. His little Dream Lite was low on battery. I changed it to fresh batteries, but it stopped working altogether. I told him we’d have to look at it tomorrow, and he said that made him very sad that it wasn’t working. I gave him his Duffy bear to snuggle with for tonight, and promised we’d look at the Dream Lite tomorrow. Once I’ve “published” this entry, I’ll probably do some stuff on Facebook until I know Casey’s asleep. First of all, he doesn’t yell very loudly anymore if he needs something at night. Second of all, the tooth fairy needs to visit.

Once I know he’s asleep and the tooth fairy has done her job, I’m hoping it’ll still be somewhat early enough to watch some more of 13 Reasons Why. I’m going to go ahead and pop my popcorn now, though. I’m starving! I’ll see where I stand with my calories after I eat that, but I need to try and avoid eating any more after that anyway.

Until next time…

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