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Woke up around 8 feeling strangely at peace. I guess it’s because I’d not only gotten a good night’s sleep for a change, but also resolved to turn down any possible “booty call” I may get from Daniel, while telling him my reason is because I want more than that.

Got my coffee and got on SL to change and park. I went with the same color scheme so I didn’t have to change much.

After that I hopped on Wiz to check the garden. Had to replant some things but otherwise nothing to do.

Casey wanted to play Minecraft right away, but he didn’t stay in here by me very long before going out to the kitchen to eat and then play Mario.

I continued reading one of the books from that series I’ve been stuck on. Though, given our financial situation, I won’t be able to afford to keep up the Kindle Unlimited subscription that has allowed me to read up to this point. So, once I finish up with this section of the series, I’m going to give it up so I can enjoy reading other things again. I can always pick it back up at a later time when the financial situation is better. The only reason I even picked it back up this time was because I got a 3-month deal for only $0.99. I couldn’t pass that up. But this was the first time I’ve done any reading since getting it back.

Dave went to the gym a little before noon. I kept reading, and when I was done with the book I went and took a shower. I’d noticed my legs were in need of a shave, so I took a lengthier shower to take care of that.

Casey and I ended up sitting down together for some tacos around the time that Dave got home from the gym and Aldi. He expressed that there’s not much you can get there for $30. Well, no, not when you’re buying their organic shit and frozen pizzas.

Got the dishes taken care of and Dave started harping on me about my vaping and the fact that he can’t afford it. I said fine, I’ll just go back to cigarettes. He continued for a couple sentences before I walked back to my room. He comes to my room and says “Why does every conversation with you end in a hostile confrontation with you rolling your eyes.” Me: “I didn’t roll my eyes.” Him: “Ok but still, why does every conversation with you end in a hostile manner?” Me: “You’re the one who’s always hostile.” Him: “How so?” Me: “Your attitude, your demeanor, your tone.” Him: “Why is it you’re the only one I ever argue with though. Explain that to me. You’re the common denominator.” Then he walked off. The reason it’s me is because, right now, I’m his victim. I fulfill his narcissistic needs. When I’m gone, he’ll either kill himself or find someone else. As informed to me by Lisa. ‘Tis the nature of Narcissists.

At another point he walked by my room and asked who would talk to me once he’s out of the picture. Probably more people! Lol.

And then again later, naturally now that I’ve fallen for someone who’s no longer returning my texts, he wants to bring up the possibility of each of us having people over as long as they’re not whackjobs. Great. I don’t even care anymore. I do want that option for myself, anyway.

Casey wanted me to get on Minecraft to teleport him back to the snowy area. When I was logging on he said he’d found a horse with diamond armor and a name. I thought, hmm, might have been the one of mine that had disappeared. He not only found that horse, which I don’t believe was actually mine, but he found my mule I’d named Gibbs and some others as well that had come up missing. Very strange.

Then I noticed something seemed very different about the area where Autumn’s house was supposed to be. I moved closer to investigate. Her house, everything, hollowed out. Gone. Guess Jordan’s been busy in the realm. There really should be a better way for me to keep track of who’s going on. I tried going to the Xbox Live app to see if it said anything, but it gave nothing away. I instantly felt unwell, knew my blood pressure had skyrocketed. I was dizzy with sharp pains in my head. I went to take my regular nighttime pills but added a Xanax to the cocktail. Then I practiced some deep breathing to calm myself down.

It’s nearly 7 and Casey’s now wanting me to get back on and teleport him back to the original zone. I just, I can’t get back on right now. I calmly explained to him that I don’t want to get back on, that I’m upset that Autumn’s house was gone. He’s just kinda sitting there, humming and doing stuff in the snowy area. At least he’s not bugging me about me getting on to teleport him. Not yet, anyway.

It’s now about half past 8. I spent some time getting Sims Freeplay updated and running on Bluestacks on the computer, but didn’t have it in me to play it really. I did collect all the rents and XPs though.

Casey’s getting ready for bed, being a silly little dude. Hopefully he’s thorough with brushing his teeth, that’s the top concern.

10pm, watching a movie called Holiday Breakup on Netflix. Going to bed after, was yawning nonstop at 4:30 so, surprised I’m even still up.

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