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Woke up in a lot of pain, the mattress had felt like it was flat beneath me. I knew it needed to be flipped and rotated, but I felt like doing so would just cause further injury.

Got out of bed, got my latte, and got parked on SL. Did a few things on the computer, but since I’d be taking Casey over to play with Michael I needed to hurry and get my car to the shop to be looked at. So, once I was done with my coffee, I got dressed and headed to Walmart. They said it would probably be an hour to an hour and a half before my car was even pulled in. I said I’d check back in 45 minutes to see where things stood, if it was still going to be that long I’d have to come back.

Walked over to the Subway inside the store and had breakfast. I’d called Colin once I left the house, so at least I had someone to talk to. Once it had been a little over half an hour, I headed outside, and vaped as I walked from one entrance to the other, and then headed back to the automotive department. The gal said there was still a car or two in front of mine, and I said I had a couple things to get before I left, if they could get me in that’d be great, but I made an appointment for Tuesday morning just in case they couldn’t get me in.

Went and bought the chips, cheese, and ro-tel for the queso, and then headed back to Automotive. This time she said that they were just pulling my car in then. So, I wandered around that part of the store, looking at things and chatting with Colin, while I waited.

Quite a bit more time passed, but finally the technician discovered that, indeed, that final sensor had gone out. I’m really not sure why it took him so long to figure that out. So, they replaced the 4th and final sensor, and I was finally able to head home and get the queso going while Casey got dressed to head over to see Michael.

Michael was just finishing up a bath when we got there, so we just let ourselves in and sat on the couch while we waited. Daniel’s kitten curled up on my chest, took a bath, and then fell asleep. It was sweet. Then Michael was done and they got to playing while Daniel and I chatted about this, that, and the other. When there was about an hour left before I’d have to take Casey home to pick up Dave and the queso to head to Pinewood Derby, Daniel sent the boys outside to play in the snow while we had some private time. Then we chatted some more while they kept playing outside, before we finally left a little after 4.

Got to the house with about 10 minutes to get Dave and the queso. I quickly checked the email about the pot luck to see if it was a “leave no trace” pot luck that would require us to bring our own plates, cups, and utensils. It was not, so that was nice. We headed on to the church and walked in the door just as things were getting started.

Daniel was running late, and Leanne was wondering where he was, and so I casually said that he’d needed to get some things at the store before he could come. He was missing a couple ingredients for the salad he was going to bring to the pot luck. She was irritated that he didn’t drop Michael off before he went to the store. Are you daft, woman? He’d have to drive 25 minutes to the church, 10 minutes to Walmart, 15 minutes back home, then 25 minutes to the church, if he were to drop Michael off before going to the store. Who in their right mind would even consider doing all that for no good reason? I know I’d rather be 10-ish minutes late than do all that unnecessary driving.

The derby went well. Casey got 2nd place in two races and 1st place in one. Poor Michael didn’t even make it 2nd place in any of them. The overall standings were computed based on average car time down the track, and Casey ended up getting 3rd place overall for the Lion Den. We were so proud of him, but he was angry that he hadn’t won 1st place. We tried to explain to him how good he did and how awesome it was to get 3rd place, and that he had won 1st place in one of the 3 races, but he wasn’t interested in hearing any of it. We finally dropped it and let him be angry for a while. He’ll learn one day how to not be a sore loser. This is the first competitive thing he’s ever done.

After we got home, Dave asked if Leanne and Daniel were Michael’s parents. Odd question, considering he’d seen Daniel at our house before and knew he was Michael’s dad. I ignored the oddity of it and said yes. He said they look like meth addicts. I said, well Leanne kinda does look like a meth addict, but Daniel? Then he says the tattoo on Daniel’s neck is a symbol indicating he’d killed someone. “And this is who you’re letting Casey hang around?” And “the last guy you were with was a child molester.” (Long time ago, I only went out with the guy one time, and he told me quite a story that led me to not want to pursue anything.)

Ok, so that’s Daniel’s tattoo. It’s not a “teardrop” that, if it were under his eye would signify that he’d either lost a loved one or killed someone. It’s 3 commas in a triangle. I told Autumn about what Dave had said, and she looked it up and found that it could mean a few things, but not that. It is something that can be affiliated with the martial arts, though, and Michael is involved in the martial arts so Daniel probably does have an interest in it as well. That’s probably the meaning behind it, would be my guess. I know he doesn’t have a perfect past, but I don’t believe he’d ever kill someone.

So anyway, after all that, I finally got Casey snuggled into bed and then got on Minecraft. Autumn joined me not long after. I said I wasn’t really sure what to do, but wanted to play. She asked where the nearest jungle was, and suggested we build a couple treehouses. So, I found a jungle and we headed there and started building.

By the time the jungle treehouse was done, I was ready for bed myself, so I logged out for the night.

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