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Got up earlier than I would have liked, considering it was the weekend. Woke up sore as usual, making me even more eager to get my new bed. Got my latte and got on SL to park, then hopped on Conan to refresh the bases. After that I got on DDO to see if I’d sold anything in the auction house.

After that I took care of my free book & paid emails, then ended up getting back on DDO to do a bit of questing in Stormreach Harbor and the crafting quest I had.

Dave had mentioned quietly to Casey on Friday that he was taking him to a movie, and then Saturday morning I overheard which movie he was planning to take him to. It was the 3rd How to Train Your Dragon, which I’d wanted to take Casey to see. So, I invited myself along. Dave was planning on the 1 o’clock showing.

I kept an eye on the weather forecast all day, because we were expecting a blizzard and I wanted to know when it was going to start. We were supposed to go to a Blue & Gold Banquet for Cub Scouts at 5pm, and I needed to know as early as possible if we should still go, or cancel. Eventually I ended up RSVP’ing that we would not make it due to the weather. I wasn’t sure the drive there would be a problem, but the drive home I was expecting to be awful.

I’d told my mom about the new bed, and she offered to buy me a new comforter for it. I told her I had a quilt I liked that I was planning to keep using. So then she offered to buy me some sheets. I told her I’d just bought some the day before. She joked that “I tried,” and a little while later I told her I was contemplating returning the sheets I’d bought so she could buy me Sugar Skulls bedding. She asked where she’d find that, and I told her about some I’d had wish-listed on Amazon for a while. She was able to find them without me linking them for her, and she ended up buying me a complete set! I’ll get sheets with pillow cases, a plain white comforter, and then a duvet cover that the comforter goes inside and it zips around, along with some shams. I can’t wait!

Went to the movie, and the ticket lady advised that the movie was already half sold out and she expected it would sell out, that we should find seats first, and then go get our snacks. So, that’s what we did. Casey went with me to get snacks, and was carrying his drink back when he bumped into a seat and tripped, spilling his drink. He started to cry, but we calmed him down and I went and refilled his drink for him.

The movie was really good, and I really hope it’s not going to be the last of the series like they’re saying. It’s been a good series thus far, and I can definitely see ways they could continue it.

After the movie, Dave wanted to go to Walmart to get a few things. I’d brought along the sheets I’d bought Friday so I could return them. Dave and Casey went around the store while I went to Customer Service and then the restroom, and then I went and sat down to wait for them because my knee was really sore. They ended up needing to use the restroom themselves, so I tried to join them to walk around the store a bit more. I wasn’t able, and ended up going back to sit down.

Once they’d paid, they found me and we headed out. Dave bitched about how he hates shopping with the both of us because somebody’s always griping about something. Geez, asshole, my knee’s been killing me for over a year, what do you expect when I overdo it around the time my shot’s wearing off??

We headed back home, and I checked the weather some more. I’d already said we weren’t going to the banquet, but I started hearing from the others that they were still planning to go. Every site and app I checked said there would already be snow on the ground by the time the event started, and that it would be blizzard conditions when it was over. It was already drizzling out when we were leaving the movies, so I wasn’t confident about how the roads would be after the event. Dave made a snarky comment about I should just go to the event, the roads were fine, the storm wasn’t going to be here until later, etc etc. So, we got changed quick and rushed out the door.

I had to stop back by Walmart to pick up the vegetable tray I’d said I’d bring, so we rushed to do that, and then went and grabbed a new Mario watch for Casey since he’d so quickly broken the button off his first one. As we were walking to the car after paying, another car ended up RACING around the parking lot, I thought for sure they were going to hit Casey, or both of us. I yelled “watch out!” to Casey and glared at the driver, who just looked at me like I was a lunatic. They were driving way too fast and it scared the shit out of both Casey and myself.

Finally on our way to the banquet, the roads were fine. We arrived a few minutes late, but they hadn’t gotten started yet. I got a text from Daniel that they’d be late, and I texted him back that I’d rushed out the door to go myself. When Casey and I were standing in line for food, I got another text from Daniel asking how it was going and what it was for. I responded that he wasn’t missing anything, that we were just in line for food. He arrived a few minutes later. My heart skipped at least one, possibly 5 beats lol. I ended up sending him a text saying, “Be still my heart, why you gotta be so sexy?”

The rest of the banquet went fine. There were a couple guest speakers, but the rest of it went like a regular pack meeting. Awards were given out, and then there was cake. After cake, we helped clean up a bit, and then got our coats on. Daniel followed suit with Michael, and I saw Daniel saying something to Michael and then Michael ran over to say goodbye to Casey. But then they left without Daniel saying goodbye to me. That kinda stung. Casey was rushing toward the door himself, because we always walk out together from these things, so I had to rush and grab my stuff to go. By the time Casey and I were out the door, they were almost to his car. I was peeved.

We headed home, and Casey’s clothes were in piles on my bed, so I got them folded and put away while Casey watched something on the Roku downstairs. After that, I logged on Aura Kingdom to relist items on the auction house, then got on DDO to check my mail again, to see if anything had sold on that auction house. Then I was planning on trying one of the “extreme challenge” dungeons to see what it was like, but needed to get Casey in bed first.

Got him to come up and do his “important stuff,” then read to him and tucked him in. He was grouchy, it was already an hour past his bedtime. I really should have gotten him to bed shortly after we’d gotten home.

Went back to DDO and did the first “extreme challenge” quest. It was not as challenging as I would have expected, especially considering I was solo with just my cleric summoned to help. So then I went to try the other one. It was a bit more challenging, but not by much.

With those under my belt, I logged off and got on Minecraft. I’d wanted to do some mining, but ended up doing some fishing instead. Then, when I was starting to fall asleep, I shut down and went to bed.

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