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Slept in a bit Saturday morning, but not too late. Got my coffee and got parked on SL, then got on Blade & Soul. Continued working on quests so I would have the story line completed. Pretty much did that all day.

Felt like crap from my cold, but didn’t really feel like I’d be able to nap, if I wanted.

Got Casey to bed about the usual time, then resumed my adventure on Blade & Soul.

As the night wore on, I was getting drowsy. I actually fell asleep a couple of times. I’m pleased that the merchants are here, though. Once I got near the end of the story, I was more awake than I would have though. I guess I had a bit of adrenaline in lieu of all the negative tree.

Sunday was pretty much a repeat of Saturday, except I didn’t have the lunch box to worry about.

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