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Woke up with an extremely sore knee Saturday morning. Was in tears just trying to get out of bed. Finally made it, and used my cane to hobble to the kitchen for some coffee.

When I first woke, I sent Colin a message on Lumiya about my knee. As I was preparing to switch to Firestorm, I saw messages from him talking about using lube next time and calling me a good girl. Seriously? That’s your response to me telling you I’m in agony is to sexualize it? I told him, clearly we won’t be talking for a while.

So, made it onto SL to park, then got on Aura Kingdom and DDO to check the auction houses, then Conan to refresh the bases. Then it was time for free book & paid emails, before finally getting on Blade & Soul. Spent some time farming stuff and working on faction dailies.

Dave and I were supposed to be taking Casey to see Lego Movie 2, but Dave suggested to Casey that we wait until Sunday because of how bad my knee was. Casey tried to insist we go Saturday, but somehow we managed to overrule him. Dave ended up taking him to Onalaska for lunch at Applebee’s followed by a stroll around the mall.

While they were out, I was fairly bored on Blade and Soul. I was tired of having nobody to play WITH. I mean, it’s one thing to talk to Autumn while we’re both playing, but, I was still lonely. I ended up just standing around in the zone she was questing in. Some random person posted in region chat about a dungeon they were trying to do, and I replied that, yeah I had to do that one as well but hadn’t finished the orange quest that is a prerequisite. That person was asking if they could help me with the orange quest so that we could do the raid together, and I explained to them that I was waiting on my best friend to catch up so we could see about doing it together.

I mentioned that conversation to Autumn, and she said I should go play with someone that actually enjoys the game. It was just kind of an off-hand comment, so I wasn’t sure how to take it and didn’t pry. After a short while, I said that at some point I needed to get on my other max level character to compare quest journals and see if there was anything to be done. She suggested I do that, since I wasn’t doing anything else at the time. So, I got on the Blade Dancer and compared quests. A short while later, she complained about being bored and logged off to take a nap. I kept working on things on my Blade Dancer.

When Autumn woke back up, she was going on again about all of the reasons why she’s not enjoying the game, but she ended up getting on anyway. I don’t know what to tell her at this point. I’m loving this game, and am the leader of two clans now. The Crimson clan has a lot of max level people in it that want to be active. The Cerulean clan I want to also have a lot of people in it that want to be active. I don’t want to play the game without her, but I can’t force her to keep playing either.

When she was back on, we both were working on our Faction dailies, her for Crimson and me for Cerulean. We ended up sparring with each other, and it was actually fun for both of us, which was shocking. I didn’t think I’d mind it much, but was worried she’d hate it.

Finally it was time to head to bed.

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