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Got up and got some coffee, got on SL to park. Hopped on Conan to refresh the bases, then made the Auction House rounds on Aura Kingdom and DDO. After that I checked my free book & paid emails while Blade & Soul was launching.

Ended up not really accomplishing much of anything on Blade & Soul. I mostly just stood around debating whether or not to do the things I knew I needed to get done.

Autumn and I spent some time arguing about the costume design for the clan. She acted like I took everything over and forced her to agree with me. I had to remind her that she was the one who insisted that I get on to look at the different designs and colors. And that she had agreed on and supported everything about the design.

In the afternoon I went and continued farming for peaches. I still had to get to 15k so I could buy the soul badge I needed. When I finally got what I needed, I bought the soul badge, and then tweaked my skills. And then I discovered that the soul badge I’d worked so hard to get was no longer effective with the new skillset, which I preferred over what I’d been doing. I was so irritated that I’d spent so much time farming 15k peaches for something that I couldn’t even get use out of.

Shortly after that, I got a group text from Daniel wanting to know if Mindi and I would be available once he got off work. We made arrangements to get to his house around 6:30 wearing sexy outfits.

I started working on farming some moonlight buds, and then got a shower before getting ready to head over to Daniel’s. I stopped at Walmart on the way there to get some wine, where I remembered I hadn’t taken my nighttime meds yet and also had promised to bring female body wash for me and Mindi to use. I grabbed wine and body wash to take to Daniel’s, then went back home to take my meds quick before heading back to Daniel’s. While I was at home, Dave started on me about needing to go over our finances together Sunday. Great.

Got to Daniel’s before he even got home, and got started on some wine while I waited for them to get there. Daniel got there first, and he moved his mattress to the living room then hopped in the shower. Mindi got there shortly after he was out of the shower. We chatted for a few and then got right to some fun time.

Daniel had to go pick Michael up at 9:15, so we didn’t have a lot of time. We did have a lot of fun before it was time to go, though. Headed back home, secretly hoping Dave would want to have some fun. He was getting ready for bed and didn’t say anything to me, so I guess not.

Got back on Blade & Soul and finished up in Moon Refuge farming buds while talking to Autumn about some things that were upsetting her related to their financial situation, and then went to bed.

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