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Woke up around 9am. Casey was already up, and Dave was at work. I wasn’t sure how long he’d be gone, but hoped it would be all day. Got my latte and got parked on SL, then launched Conan to refresh the bases. I’d kind like to start playing it again a bit here and there, and was tempted to start up a co-op game. I didn’t, yet though.

Went ahead and took care of my free book & paid emails, then got on BnS and spent hours outside of Skybreak Spire, waiting for someone to be filling up a party that would be manageable. While waiting on that, I spent time scrolling through Facebook. I also spent a lot of time looking at options for cross-body purses. I decided, though, that I want either a Dooney or a Sugar Skulls purse. I was not able to find a suitable Sugar Skull option, and Dooney is just too expensive right now.

Finally got into a party for Skybreak Spire. I was so laggy for it that I kept dying in each fight, then had to wait until the fight was over for someone to resurrect me. I asked for advice before we all left, and someone suggested getting an SSD. I went ahead and ordered one off of Amazon, that should be here Monday.

After that, I spent some more time standing around doing nothing, but this time in the Celestial Basin. I just couldn’t face farming peaches. I ended up logging off and launching Minecraft.

Come to find out, the Backpack mod is broken since the latest update. They’re still there and accessible, but they’re invisible. So, have to wait for the creator of the mod to fix it. Spent some time looking at other mods, and found one based on How to Train Your Dragon that adds tamable dragons that you can ride. I downloaded it and bought the Norse mashup pack. Unfortunately, the mod includes a script that causes major lag. I sent a tweet to the creator if that mod asking if they can advise how to combat the lag.

All of that took far more time than I would have liked. Ultimately, I ended up getting back on the old world, from before I ever put it on a realm, much less switched it to creative. It still had a Candy texture pack on it, which I thought was cool but Autumn didn’t much care for.

Dave asked me to cook some vegan spaghetti and meatballs while he was in the shower, but I have more than one reason to decline. First and foremost, my knee is killing me. Secondly, vegan. I don’t want meatless meatballs, I just want meatballs. I didn’t even get my answer out before Dave started bitching about the look on my face answering him and that he had to do everything around here. Fuck you, Dave. My knee hurts.

Casey was in the bathroom at that point, he’d been playing Minecraft a bit but he needed to try and go. Once he was done, he got to play for about 20 more minutes, then I got his stuff out so he could get ready for bed. I got in the shower, and could hear him pitching a fit the entire time. I guess he’d asked about goldfish crackers and didn’t like whatever Dave had to say about the idea. He’d already had goldfish crackers today, so I don’t even know why he wanted more.

Finally got him to get ready for bed, and went to tuck him in. After reading to him, he asked about a slumber party. I said no, because my knee is still really sore and I just can’t be climbing over Casey into my bed. He got all whiny and demanding about it, so I ended up just leaving his room and ignoring him. He started calling for Dave, and I was sure that Dave would cave and let him have a slumber party with him. He didn’t, and also managed to calm Casey down.

Got back on BnS to open a pack that can be opened every 10 hours. Autumn got on as well to open her pack. I ended up spending a bit of time farming peaches, and then we got back on Minecraft.

We intended to see if we could find any Pillagers, but we weren’t able to. We got into a creative version of the world to look for them, but then I wondered if that part hadn’t been released yet. Sure enough, that won’t be out until version 1.11.something and I am on 1.10.1. So we switched back to the survival world.

I’m getting sleepy, so I’m starting to get ready for bed. Hopefully I’ll get to sleep in more tomorrow.

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