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Got up and got some coffee, then got on SL to park. Had a minor, discussion of sorts, with Autumn about whether or not SL is a game. She makes a valid point, you can do all sorts of things in it as though it were a game. But, there’s no xp, no levels, no objective, no quests, none of the things that every other game I know of has.

A little while later she said she’s thinking of getting a mic, so that when we’re doing stuff together we can talk. That’d be nice! She says she’s been told that her voice sounds like minnie mouse. Fine by me lol. When I’m down and out, that’d make me feel better. She mentioned stuff about BnS, so I guess she’s considering actually getting on it sometimes. She even mentioned that voice would be handy during raids, which is something she’s expressed that she’s absolutely not interested in participating in.

She was out doing laundry at Jordan’s mom’s house. I was waiting on my purse to arrive so I could switch to it and go to Aldi for some groceries. I could have spent the “waiting” time on any number of games or doing stuff on SL, but I pretty much just stared at the computer and twiddled my thumbs. It finally arrived at nearly 4pm.

Dave was passed out in his room — he had stayed out all night Friday night and I am guessing he’d been drinking a lot. He’d asked Casey before he left Friday if he wanted to go down to the Quad Cities to visit Gram-Dini, but then early in the morning gave Casey every excuse imaginable why they weren’t going. Anyway, I peeked in to ask if he wanted me to get him anything from Aldi but he said no.

Got a mixture of fresh and frozen things at the store. Got stuff for salads, sandwiches, and tacos, and got a few frozen pizzas and lasagna rolls. Also got some salmon to go with salads one night, and a ham to go with some candied yams I have in the cupboard. Grabbed a few last minute Easter surprises for Casey, then headed home and got the groceries put away. I was planning on making something Dave and I could share for dinner, but he was already eating when I got home so I put in a couple of the pizzas. Dave ended up eating some of it anyway.

Relogged on SL and took Autumn to a couple places to look at clothes, see if she liked anything. She’d have the landmarks for future use if she saved them, anyhow.

Got Casey to bed at a reasonable time, then got on Minecraft with Autumn. Finished up our exploration, which took us a couple hours. I was starting to doze off when I noticed it was about 11:30 and it’d been 24 hours since I’d last abandoned an SL premium home. I tried to get one and it let me, so I relogged on SL and got busy decorating. Got to bed about 2:30am.

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