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I was woken up by the sound of Casey yelling that he’d pooped, around 8am. It was not exactly the way I wanted to start my day. I got up and got him situated, then got some coffee while the computer booted. I got on Grand Theft Auto to wait for the time I would be able to spin the lucky wheel. Once I was able to, I got back off so I could take care of my free book & paid emails. Then I ended up getting back on GTA for a while.

I spent some time going through emails, making sure I read anything that could be important, and deleted or archived anything that I didn’t really need. I also got a few chores done, like the dishes and mopping the floors. I forgot to mark them off on the to-do list though.

In the evening, Cyn and I got on SL for a while and went to a couple gigs. Since Satori and Shi were back working at Wild Angels, I decided I would try and get my old gig back there. I filled out an application, but otherwise just hung out until their set was over.

I got on Black Desert for a bit and was lucky enough to get a boss armor piece drop during these special event rift bosses. It was the hardest fight, too, and one I would rather not repeat but probably will anyway. I upgraded the new Griffon Helmet a little bit, but then it was time for a world boss so I did that. Then, I finished getting the new helm ready. I spent a bit more time fiddling around on BDO until I was ready for bed.

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