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Woke up earlier than I wanted. Of course Dave was still out after going to a concert with Jennifer the night before. Grabbed my latte while the computer booted, then got parked on SL.

Launched ArcheAge and stayed on there for the rest of the day, questing and doing miscellaneous stuff.

Casey ended up spending most of the day watching stuff on the Roku and playing, as well as doing some artsy stuff that benefited his playing.

I’d run the dishwasher the night before, but when I was getting my coffee mug out I noticed that the soap hadn’t dissolved, so I ran it again.

Dave got home in the afternoon. He’d brought with him cinnamon rolls for him and Casey, but not me.

I went to empty the dishwasher, and quickly noticed everything was still dirty. I let Dave know that I’d have to do a work order, that it wasn’t cleaning the dishes.

About an hour later, he ran the dishwasher, and even flipped our little magnetic sign to “clean.” I scoffed and flipped the sign back over, but let it continue running.

Got the results from the rest of my pap in. Everything else was normal.

Got to bed by 11:30, just so tired all the time despite drinking more coffee than usual.

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