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Woke up earlier than I wanted, due to a raucous being made out in the kitchen. Dave was getting ready for work, a pleasant surprise. Got my latte while the computer booted, then parked on SL before hopping on ArcheAge. Took care of my usual morning tasks, gardening and such.

Took care of my free book & paid emails once they came in, but mostly just hung out on ArcheAge for the day. I eventually started questing in a map that’s always either in conflict or at war. Another pleasant surprise, there were really no members of the opposing faction there, so I was able to complete the map.

Casey had spent the day watching shows on the Roku. Once Dave got home from work, he made a little fire in the pit and Casey sat out there with him until a little after 9. Then, Dave said Casey needed a full on bath at that time of night, which I thought was ridiculous but I wasn’t about to argue. So, I got Casey a bath. It was about 10 by the time I got him tucked in, and then he said he wanted to have a slumber party with Dave. I told him, once Dave got out of the shower, he could ask him. He did, and Dave said yes.

I’d been working on the Blue Salt Brotherhood Gilda daily quests on ArcheAge while Casey was in the bath. I finished those up, then hung out for a little while longer before going to bed myself.

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