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I slept in a little bit later than I wanted, but we still could have made it to the Dells for the day. Unfortunately, Casey’s bumps were bugging him too much. He wanted to go eat, but not stay and walk around after. I didn’t want to drive 45 minutes just for food, then turn around and come right back home. I told him that maybe in a couple weeks we could go and his bumps wouldn’t be bugging him so much. Plus it would be cooler weather and probably more enjoyable for walking around.

I got some coffee while the computer booted, then took care of my free book & paid emails. I didn’t do a whole lot for a while until I went ahead and got the Truckee ad-rating project done.

I sent Brad a text around 5 saying I didn’t know what he had going on, if he had the girls or not, but that if he was free and up for it I’d like to hang out. I never heard anything back, but he was active on Steam more often than I would expect if he had the girls. He doesn’t usually go to his computer when he has them, except to turn it off.

I kinda felt like I was sitting around twiddling my thumbs for most of the day, until later at night when I got on Saint’s Row with Cyn for a few hours. We messed around doing a variety of things together and had fun, and kept at it until we were ready for bed.

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